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In which Mars in Pisces annoys Saturn in Virgo.

Back in July, Mars and Saturn stood together in the workmanlike sign of Virgo, marking a time to embark upon ambitious works requiring extraordinary attention to detail. Then, we took up our chisels to sculpt the world into useful forms – a trestle here, a reservoir there, a berm for the garden, a rough outline for an article. This week, Mars in Pisces approaches an opposition to Saturn (exact on April 4) and the craftsman stands back to reevaluate the progress of his work. The piece isn’t finished, but it’s achieved a form that’s completely recognizable – only details and polishing remain.

It’s not often that Pisces gets the chance to critique Virgo, and given this priceless opportunity it will use characteristically gentle, even apologetic language. “You don’t think it’s perhaps… a bit too … um… functional?” ventures Mars in Pisces, as Saturn in Virgo scowls and thinks, “Well that was sort of the point, now wasn’t it?” Emboldened by Saturn in Virgo’s silence, Mars in Pisces offers another thought: “I mean, it’s great that it’s so – you know… But maybe if you added a little color, or you know, some decorations of some kind, that might be kind of cool.” By now, Saturn is rolling its eyes and fingering its chisel. “I swear to God,” seethes Saturn in Virgo’s inner dialogue. “I will fillet you.”

Eventually, Mars in Pisces gives a trilling farewell and swims away, blissfully unaware of the ill-will he has engendered. Exasperated, Saturn in Virgo decides to take a well-deserved break from his labors. He plunks himself down on the grass and pours a glass of wine; enjoys it quite a lot; pours another. Some time passes and as the sun begins to set and the warm glow of alcohol overtakes him, he surveys his masterpiece, tilting his head this way and that. Perhaps a whimsical detail or two might not ruin the whole thing after all; might even give a nice effect. Relaxed and a little wobbly, Saturn gathers up his chisel, gets to his feet, and returns to work.

2 comments to " In which Mars in Pisces annoys Saturn in Virgo. "

  • 🙂

    Maybe that’s why this Virgo person (with Sun square Saturn) love Pisces people. And/or wine. 😉

  • Carolyn

    Couldn’t reach you through Yahoo so…

    April, you wrote:

    Those of us with untapped Aquarius energy wander through life feeling as though we missed school on the very important day when social networking skills were taught. Humans are social animals, and it’s threatening to be unable to find a place in one’s pack. We’re hard-wired to crave the very Aquarian experience of belonging.

    I would like to quote some anonymous writer who seems to be a kindred untapped Aquarius spirit.

    “I feel like I’m diagonally parked in a parallel universe.”



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