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Let it roll!

The Sun conjuncted Uranus in Pisces early this morning, so take care – you don’t want to go dropping the blow dryer in the bathtub. This is the kind of aspect that can make folks a little accident-prone, typically because Uranus makes us want to shake up our usual routines, and then we forget to do a lot of the things we normally attend to automatically.

We woke up this morning to the sound of sirens, and it seems like they haven’t stopped all day; we live near several freeways, and we soon found out what all the noise was about – the traffic reports have been dire. It’s been a pretty good day in our little world, though. The New Moon on Monday was energizing. We finished a website project, and work is flowing in again. The weather is gorgeous, we’re catching up on our sleep, the cats are frisky; it is, in fact, one of those extraordinary moments when everything is lovely, and we really can’t complain. The pessimist in me says, “Knock on wood.” But the optimist says, “Let it roll, baby!”