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Last degree wonkiness

Was it just me, or did the past couple of days seem sort of Mercury retrograde-ish?

A series of technical difficulties too exhausting to recount here in detail (problems with my recording software, my printer in nervous collapse, errant report binding machine, etc., etc.) had me scurrying to my trusty Pocket Astrologer to figure out what was going on, and I found Mercury – along with the Sun – hovering in the last, painful degrees of Taurus. Mercury finally, mercifully, flipped over to Gemini this afternoon, 1:52 pm PDT-ish, after which the long, difficult week sailed smoothly into a weekend sunset. Against all odds, I finished the week caught up on all the work that was due today, got a kick-ass haircut, and still managed to whip up a truly awe-inspiring turkey meatloaf for dinner.

I’ve noticed this before, how late-degree planets can stir up a certain cosmic wonkiness just before they flip into the next sign. Tomorrow the Sun follows suit, slipping into Gemini at 9:32 pm. One wonders what daft solar hijinks will ensue tomorrow. Take notes for me, will ya? Think I’ll sleep in.