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Highlights for Sep. 27-Oct. 3, 2021: Melancholy Around the Edges

Melancholy Around the Edges

Dates and times are given for U.S. Pacific Time zone.

Melancholy around the edges

The Sun is within kissing distance of its conjunction with Mars at this Last Quarter Moon in Cancer (Sep. 28, 6:57 pm PDT), and in easy, trine aspect to Saturn and the Moon’s North Node. We are moving forward with all due speed toward a future that’s just meant for us – one that’s real, not a fantasy.

But the Last Quarter is the phase for looking back, and Cancer is a deeply sentimental sign – so a Cancer Last Quarter Moon is likely to find us a bit melancholy around the edges, with one foot in the past as the other steps toward the dazzling unknown. Whether you’re missing a loved one, a pet, a place, or just the person you used to be, give its memory a tender kiss; then carry it with you in your heart, on into your dazzling future.

The enchantment of soulfulness

Venus is the astrological symbol of magnetic beauty, the siren call that brings others close enough to appreciate what else we have to offer. Venus expresses herself through the bright plumage, beautiful colors, and captivating forms that attract the eye. She is in all the ways we fascinate others and pull them into our orbit, from the attractive book cover to the beautiful author.

But as Venus makes a trine aspect to Neptune this week (Sep. 29, 2021, 9:14 am PDT), she reminds us that there are qualities of beauty that transcend the physical. That the enchantment of soulfulness, gentleness, and empathy make for powerful sorcery. That the most irresistible force of all is pure love, unconditionally offered. And that even when the cover is not terribly beautiful, what’s inside can sometimes be enough to draw others in.

Protecting your heart

The Sun makes a trine to Saturn this week (Sep. 29, 2021, 3:19 pm PDT), and the Sabian symbols for both planets mention protection. The Sun is on 7 Libra, A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from hawks; and Saturn is on 7 Aquarius, A child born of an eggshell (a means of protection). In particular, the Sun represents our creations, be they children, books, songs, games – anything that opens up the heart and shows it to the world. But before we can create, we need a safe environment in which to gestate and then birth those creations, and that’s where Saturn comes in.

If you feel you never have time for the things, people, or pets that you love, Saturn – lord of time – offers this reminder: You are the gatekeeper of your schedule. It takes planning, sometimes sacrifice, and an absolute determination to establish the boundaries that make time and space for creation. Take a moment today to decide:  what will you let go of in order to protect your singing, creative heart?

Out of comfortable reach

Venus squares Jupiter this week (Sep. 30, 2021, 4:31 pm PDT), and that’s an aspect that tempts us to bite off more than it can chew. What Venus in Scorpio wants, it’s determined to have – and the square to Jupiter indicates that what it wants is just out of comfortable reach.

This is a little bit dangerous – but also, potentially motivating. Sometimes, attracting what we want means taking chances and transcending our limitations. Even if you don’t reach your ultimate goal, the attempt widens your reach and expands your horizons. Just remember that Mercury is retrograde right now, too. Make sure your risk-taking doesn’t put you at more financial risk than you can afford – you may not have all the facts you need to make an educated guess. With Jupiter casting inhibitions to the wind and Mercury retrograde, it’s a dicey time for travel and for major purchases. But sometimes you have no choice – so at least buy the travel insurance, or the extended warranty!

Writing and images © 2019-2021 by April Elliott Kent

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