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Ep. 96 | Podathon Day 3: Sun Psych!


096 | Podathon Day Three: Sun Psych!

It’s Day Three of the second annual Big Sky Astrology PODATHON! In this episode: April psyches Jen out with a new Sunwatch segment to celebrate the Libra Equinox! It’s harvest season in the Northern Hemisphere, spring for our antipodal podpals. We then offer a Moonwatch shoutout to today’s Aries Moon, including a couple of its key aspects before it turns void-of-course. Plus: peace, positivity, and puppies!

This week, April & Jen bring you five daily mini-episodes in our Podathon extravaganza! JOIN US for up-close-and-personal looks at each day’s aspects! THRILL to our special Podathon theme! And best of all, HEAR ABOUT all the treats and opportunities coming your way as a donor to the podcast!

Everyone who pledges $5 or more during our fundraising timeline will receive invitations to two special bonus episodes for today’s equinox and December’s solstice! And everyone who pledges $25 or more will be entered in our drawing to win great prizes that can be enjoyed by listeners around the world, including readings with April, a fab astrological poster from The Elegant Universe, and an offering from the Big Sky Astrology online store!

DEADLINE: To be entered in the drawing, we must receive your donation of $25 or more no later than SEPTEMBER 30, 2021, at 11:59 pm PACIFIC time. Winners will be announced by email on OCTOBER 4 and also in our OCTOBER 11 episode! Donate at!

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0:30 – This week, April and Jen are putting the fun in fundraising! (And to learn about the astrology poster:

5:43 – The Sun’s ingress into the sign of Libra (Sep. 22, 12:21 pm PDT) marks the beginning of autumn and the peak of harvest season in the Northern Hemisphere, and in the Southern Hemisphere it’s time to plant new seeds for spring.

6:53 – Libra has a contrary side, sometimes playing Devil’s advocate in an attempt to bring balance to a conversation, and it won’t hesitate to fight for justice, equality, and fairness. We hasten to add that Libra also lives up to its reputation of loving peace, harmony, and puppies as well. Especially puppies.

9:53 – Relationships, ruled by Libra, also benefit from the airing of disagreements. And kittens!

10:34 – More about the Libra Equinox season in our special donor-only episode! Donate just $5 to get access to it!

10:49 – Now it’s really Moonwatch! The Moon is still in Aries today. Be cautious of heeding an offer represented by the Sun sextile Jupiter at 4:42 pm, because the Moon square Pluto at 5:37 pm PDT suggests there might be something under the surface that could be uncomfortable.

11:53 – The Moon is void-of-course as of 7:04 pm PDT. (Revisit Ep. 23, Talking Taurus and the Void of Course Moon for more on that subject.)

12:32 – Summing up today, it’s about the polarity of the Sun entering Libra and the Moon in Aries, and how we might have to fight for peace, and air disagreements in order to have a solid collaboration with someone.

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