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Episode 82 | Sun Enters Gemini: Phone Home!

Show Notes for Episode 82 (5/17/2021)

082 | Sun Enters Gemini: Phone Home!

April and Jen roll up their sleeves as the Sun enters busy Gemini, authoritative Saturn turns retrograde, and a Leo First Quarter Moon encourages heartfelt action. Also: Venus has a fated meeting with the Lunar North Node and then heeds Saturn’s advice to take fun seriously; the Sun is empowered by Pluto but overdoes it with Jupiter; and communicative Mercury forgets what to say with Neptune, so makes a collage instead! Plus: E.T., summer road trips, and our favorite songs from 1982!

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00:30 – April and Jen reminisce about 1982 and the sweet movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, as well as some great songs: Rio, Tainted Love,  Shadows of the Night, and Someday, Someway. (To enjoy all of our favorites from the 80s, check out our YouTube playlist! And if you’d like to tell us about your own favorite tunes from 1982, leave a comment at the end of the show notes!)

04:47 – Congrats, April! The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology is on Business Insider’s list of top astrology books! (And a special thanks to Elisabeth Grace who nominated April’s book – do check out her fantastic weekly forecast that looks at astrology and news headlines!)

06:25 – The Sun, at 26.43 Taurus, trines Pluto in Capricorn (May 17), which can be an aspect of personal empowerment! The Sun represents our will and confidence, so perhaps powerful forces will be on your side today.

07:39 – Donuts, anyone? Venus joins the North Node at 10.46 Gemini (May 17). Venus represents important people in our lives, and the Nodes can feel fated – perhaps an important person will enter your orbit. It could also be realizing financial goals or getting on the right financial path. Or moving in a path that is true to your values and – dare we say? – fun! (To learn more about the Lunar Nodes, revisit Episode 5, Unboxing Eclipses… which will also get you prepared for next week’s eclipse!)

11:30 – This week’s Moonwatch segment is brought to you by our non-imaginary sponsor: Victoria Pendragon! Check out her personal natal chart paintings!

13:35 – **MOONWATCH ** This week we celebrate a Leo First Quarter Moon (FQM) on May 19! The Moon is at 29.01 Leo on the Sabian symbol, “An unsealed letter.” And the Sun is in Taurus on a symbol featuring April & Jen’s new favorite animal, “A peacock parading on an ancient lawn”! This FQM encourages us to get out there and show our hearts. Let yourself be seen, because perhaps what is holding you back is doing sharing on that level – by showing who you are! (This FQM is connected to a cycle and a lunar phase family that began 9 months ago. Episode 39, Leo New Moon: A Rainbow at Daybreak will help you remember what was happening then!)

19:15 – Eclipse season is here: Sign up for April’s free eclipse webinar! (Eclipses often signal a change that you didn’t see coming. Want to learn about how the eclipses impact your personal birth chart? You can find April’s exclusive Followed by a Moonshadow Eclipse report on her website! It’s a goodie!)

20:36 – Venus trines Saturn at 13.30 Aquarius (May 19/20). The planet of relationships is on the symbol, “A conversation by telepathy,” and the school principal of the zodiac is on the symbol, “A train entering a tunnel.” Take what you love seriously! Or this could be a cosmic suggestion to pursue more of the things that give you pleasure and make you happy.

24:26 – The Sun enters Gemini (May 20 – June 20)! In Gemini season, we find joy through communication, getting a change of scenery, enjoying our neighborhoods, and talking to siblings, among other things.

26:42 – The Sun barely enters Gemini when it squares Jupiter at 00.46 Pisces (May 21). Did they swap Sabian symbols? The Sun is on, “A glass bottomed boat in still water,” and Jupiter is on, “A public market.” This aspect encourages us to do more and expand our horizons, but think twice before taking on new obligations – Jupiter tends to overdo things. (This is the opening square from a cycle that began January 28, 2021. Lend your ears to Episode 66, Leo Full Moon: Dinner and Bingo! for more.)

29:42 – How to say this? Mercury, at 22.53 Gemini, squares Neptune in Pisces (May 22/23). This can indicate a struggle to express what’s inexpressible… we’re at a loss for what else to say… 😉 But this is a great aspect for intuition and imagination! Do a visual, creative project if you’d like. Or check out the feelings wheel to help you name your emotions!

32:37 – Be the author of your own story! Saturn stations retrograde at 13.31 Aquarius on May 23. Themes of boundaries, authority figures, and establishing routines and structures might arise. How are you setting up your life so that it supports the direction in which you’re going?

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4 comments to " Episode 82 | Sun Enters Gemini: Phone Home! "

  • I’ve had a busy week and just got to listening to your show today (Saturnsday!) and had to tell you how crazy right-on your assessment of the week’s unfolding was for me. Received an invitation, as if out of nowhere, that I’d been juried into an opportunity to hang some of my work in a fabulous new restaurant/”saloon”/event center that being built not far from me. I got to be part of a ‘field trip’ to the place which included a 64-stall stable!!! Nobody had mentioned that! So I got to get nuzzled by horses… sooooo sweet.
    Y’all really rock!

    • Jen Braun

      Congrats on the art show, V! That’s so great! And for the feedback on how the week unfolded for you – it’s always so fascinating to hear a postscript like this one. Thanks for listening, as always! 😀

  • …just now remembered what was happening for me in 1982… I was being a Playboy Bunny (at age 35!) and ruining my marriage!

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