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Episode 62 | Cancer Full Moon & Buh-Bye 2020!

SHOW NOTES FOR EPISODE 62 (12/28/2020)

062 | Cancer Full Moon & Buh-Bye 2020!

April and Jen release 2020 back into the wild with a discussion of the Cancer Full Moon, roots and family, and 5-year plans. Also, Venus meets with the South Node and Neptune, inviting us to let go of whatever limits our dreams. And Mercury totes its giant shopping bag of ideas into a bright new 2021 and the wise tutelage of Neptune, who has been teaching us (forever) about going with the flow. Plus: trading cards, brand new planners, and we wave buh-bye to 2020!

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00:30 – April and Jen ponder their New Year’s resolutions as they project 5 years into the future. What are your hopes and dreams? Plus, does anybody really know what time it is? (Perhaps it’s time to catch April’s guest appearance on the Dr. Pat Show!).

03:55 – This week’s Moonwatch segment is brought to you by our lovely non-imaginary sponsor, Faunabelle Tarot!! We’re pleased to promote these gorgeous cards – do check out their Kickstarter Preview which launched on Dec. 19th! Let’s help make this wonderful dream a reality!

07:37 – ** MOONWATCH! ** The last Full Moon of 2020 occurs Dec. 29 at 8.53 Cancer, bringing to mind what was started 2 weeks ago (at the monthly New Moon), 6 months ago (at the Cancer New Moon), and July 2019 (at the Cancer Solar Eclipse that began this lunar phase family). Is there a thread connecting all of these points in time? This Full Moon asks us to remember: What are your roots? Who do you call family? What are the things that really matter to you? And, how can you balance all of that with Capricorn’s worldly ambition?

11:59 – This Full Moon’s last aspect in its sign is a contentious square to Mars. So the energy of this Full Moon chart is already headed toward eventual fisticuffs, as we struggle to determine: How strongly secured are we to our emotional foundations?

14:39 – Venus joins up with the South Node in Sagittarius (Dec. 31), offering us an opportunity to let go of the things that don’t matter, so that we can travel more lightly and more freely.

16:01 – Venus, at 18.26 Sagittarius, squares Neptune in Pisces (Dec. 30) on the Sabian symbol, “Pelicans changing their habitat.” Neptune is on, “A master instructing his pupil.” Are you looking at your relationships, money, and values realistically? Or are you wanting to “change habitat” because you’re with someone who thinks it’s their job to “instruct you”? (Review Episode 59, A Volcanic Virgo Last Quarter Moon & Mercury Runs Amok, when the Sun and Mercury both squared Neptune.)

19:53 – We checked the ephemeris and noticed that Neptune has been (and continues to be) on the Sabian symbol, “A master instructing his pupil” for over 3 months (Oct. 3, 2020 – Jan. 23, 2021)! Is there somebody in your life teaching you something important about compassion, or reality, or giving you a new sense of spiritual purpose? And, what can you believe in when things seem difficult? (We first talked about this symbol in Episode 51, Libra New Moon: Symmetry Schmemmetry! Or give Episode 57, Learning from Neptune, Giving Thanks, & Our One-Year Podiversary! a try.)

23:58 – Mercury rings in the New Year at 18.28 Capricorn and sextiles Neptune (Jan 1) on the symbol, “A child of about five with a huge shopping bag.” And Neptune continues to instruct us. Sure, we have our plans and tasks and resolutions… but aren’t we also learning how to go with the flow? (Jupiter was also on this point in Episode 51, Libra New Moon: Symmetry Schmemmetry! if you’d like to hear more about that.)

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