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Episode 54 | Mercury Gets Our Vote – Hopefully!


054 | Mercury Gets Our Vote – Hopefully!

April & Jen approach the astrology of this U.S. election week with beginner’s mind: We welcome our new listeners and take a step back to bring everyone up to speed on terms like “stationing,” “retrograde,” “transit,” “square,” and “aspect”! This week, Mercury comes to a halt, faces forward, and confronts Saturn; there’s a Last Quarter Moon in Leo; and we get a head start on next week’s opposition between Venus and Mars. And hey, what are the Sabian symbols, anyway?

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00:30 – If you’re living in the US, remember to vote! (Like you could forget, right?) With Mercury’s antics this week, also make sure to double-check everything! If you are in need of any voting information, check out the handy When We All Vote Voter Resources Hub, which includes info about your voting rights as well as the election protection hotline.

04:01 – Here are 8 questions that can help you with election stress. And here’s the NPR podcast Life Kit to help with anxiety. (Check out their whole catalogue if you’d like – lots of different interesting topics, served up in short and digestible tidbits.)

06:43 – Listen to April’s guest appearance on the Energetic Principles podcast, where her friend, host Mel LaFara, arrives at her milestone 100th episode!

07:45 – A couple of astrological colleagues have helpful new books out: We’re talking about The Cosmic Calendar by Christopher Renstrom and 10-Minute Moon Rituals by Simone Butler! Woot!

8:36 – Mercury stations direct at 25.53 Libra on Election Day (Nov. 3)! What is “stationing”? What is “retrograde”? Bottom line: double-check everything (have we said that already?!) because this brings an unstable energy to all things related to the election process. *sigh* Mercury will leave its shadow – which is where it all began – on Nov. 19.

10:59 – Is the planetary energy that we talk about each week relevant for everyone on the planet? (Quick answer: Yes! But it impacts your personalized birth chart in a particular way.)

14:08 – Take your Neptune insights to a dreamy new level and sign up for April’s Nov. 7 presentation on Saints & Suckers: Neptune in Relationship if you’d like!

14:29 – What are these “transits” that we refer to every week?

16:12 – Mercury, at 26.31 of Libra, squares Saturn in Capricorn for the third and final time (Nov. 6). The planet of communication comes up against the planet of boundaries, restrictions, and hard work. The opportunity? Gaining better clarity about something, or getting your message heard. (To review the previous two squares, listen to Episode 48, The Libra Equinox & Mercury Goes Sleuthing and Episode 53, Our Taurus Full Moon Halloween Spooktacular!)

19:07 – ** MOONWATCH! ** This week we welcome a Leo Last Quarter Moon (Nov. 8)! This winding down, wrapping up phase has the Moon sitting on the Sabian symbol for 17 Leo, “A non-vested church choir.” Join your voice with others; you’ll have a better chance of being heard! The Sun is on the symbol “A woman the father of her own child.” The tension is around keeping to ourselves vs. making the effort to collaborate with others. (To learn more about the lunar cycles, visit Episode 34, The 8 Lunar Phases: Have Them with a Salad! And you can always see specific episode artwork at our website!)

23:16 – Venus in Libra opposes Mars in Aries in this lunar chart (exact Nov. 9). This pits the concepts of relating and being in a partnership against doing things on your own, in your own way. (And for the record, Sister Act is from 1992, not the 80s. Oops! But there’s a Mercury retrograde lesson for you: We double-checked the year while we were putting together these show notes! 😉)

25:18 – What are the Sabian symbols? A brief description. You can also learn more through books by Lynda Hill, Blain Bovee, and Marc Edmund Jones.

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