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Episode 34 | The 8 Lunar Phases: Have Them With a Salad!


034 | The 8 Lunar Phases: Have Them with a Salad!

April and Jen shine a light on the Sun this week: First opposing the ginormously powerful point where Saturn/Pluto met in January, and then picking a fight with Jupiter AND Pluto on Team Seagoat. Also: The eight lunar phases! Learn about them! Have them with a salad! Plus: cream pies, tote bags, and early morning pancakes with pals.

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00:31 – Should we have mentioned that National Tape Measure Day and National Nude Day are on the same day?! Well, we did. And thanks to all of you who have left such lovely comments!! Listen in to hear our take on resources for Neptune transits, including April’s “Astrological Transits” book. And you can always leave us a lovely comment on the BSA pod page. (For more on Neptune, revisit Episode 10, Neptune and the Zen of Groundhog Day and Episode 29, Neptune Washing Over All, and the US Pluto Return.)

07:03 – Report card time: How are we doing with renegotiating the structures of our lives? How can we be kinder? The Sun opposes the point that Saturn and Pluto came together on back in January. This is important for our leonine friends, because the Sun rules Leo! Hey, doesn’t Jen know a Leo?

11:36 – The princely Sun in Cancer opposes King Jupiter in Capricorn (July 14). The Sun sits on the Sabian symbol for 23 Cancer, “Meeting of a literary society.” Fellowship, anyone?

13:37 – The Sun then moves on to oppose Pluto (July 15). Lots of stories that began at the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 are having their mid-way check-in point. How are you faring on your path to transformation? Sometimes, we have to let some things go in order to move forward.

15:01 – To be our solar selves, we have to confront Jupiter and Pluto – the transiting Sun describes our joy! In the faceoff with this Jupiter-Pluto-ness, can we persist in expressing jubilance? (Here’s a quick version of the NASA time-lapse video of the Sun; but better yet, here is an excellent 5-minute highlights reel.)

16:35 – A word on Jupiter: In myth, he wasn’t always a kind ruler, and could be selfish. How much is enough? Will material things fill our needs? (Spoiler: Probably not.)

18:10 – ** Moonwatch** Meet the Balsamic Moon (July 16) and the eight lunar phases! A mini-lesson for YOU, our podpals! Of course, it all comes back to pie!

23:54 – The Balsamic Moon – or waning crescent – begins when the Moon is 45 degrees behind the Sun. It’s the last phase before the New Moon, a time to heal, let go, and have pancakes with friends.

28:00 – There are certain aspects that can form between the Sun and Moon during each phase. For example, if you’re looking at a birth chart, a New Moon can be a conjunction (same degree, natch) or a semi-sextile (which is 30 degrees).

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4 comments to " Episode 34 | The 8 Lunar Phases: Have Them With a Salad! "

  • Can’t wait for the elaborated moon episode! (I have a moon phases tat on my left forearm!)

    You guys are awesome… and – perhaps the most lovely aspect – (so to speak)- relatable.

  • RonjaThePigeon

    At this halfway point of the 2020 Astrocalypse, I want to again acknowledge just how much your insights and writings have helped guide me through some really difficult rapids. Heartfelt apologies to the pair of you! (That genuinely did make me “I.R.L.” “L.O.L.”)

    • April

      Thank you! When something literally makes us laugh out loud, Jen and I use an expression swapped from my sister: LOL Out Loud! 😀 Good luck with the remainder of the Astrocalypse and thank you for listening and reading! xoxo 😀 😀

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