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Episode 41 | Pisces Full Moon and the Yin to Your Yang


041 | Pisces Full Moon and the Yin to Your Yang

April and Jen wade into the waters of a rather Uranian Pisces Full Moon, in a week that emphasizes independence as the road to better relationships. Venus opposes Saturn and squares Mars, so we must find a way to work through relationship issues constructively (and preferably not publicly). Mercury enters diplomatic Libra while Venus finds us singing the praises of Leeeeoooo! Also, coming soon to a podcatcher near you (drumroll): we’ll tell you about the our first annual BSA Podathon, which kicks off next week! Plus: inevitably, Bob Ross.

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00:28 – Thanks to listener Celeste for her info on the 2.5-year Moon cycle! Check out her comment for Episode 38, Taurus Last Quarter Moon – but wait, there’s S’more! for a relevant link.

03:12 – We are pleased to announce the first annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon – 5 days of daily, 10-15 minute episodes, beginning Labor Day Monday, Sep. 7! The Podathon is also your opportunity to help us cover our podcasting expenses for the coming year. Kick in $5 or more for exclusive content and opportunities!

06:31 – ** Moonwatch! ** This week’s illuminating Pisces Full Moon (Sep. 1/2) falls on the Sabian symbol for 11 Pisces: “Men seeking illumination.” The Sabian symbol for the Sun in Virgo is “A boy moulded in his mother’s aspirations for him.” Perhaps we can see the ways in which the expectations of others – or the ones we have of ourselves – have formed us and keep us from seeing the full picture. This Moon is also connected to the lunar phase family that began in March of 2019. What stories began for you then?

09:31 – Later that day, the Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus, and the Sun trines Uranus (Sep. 2)! This is an important Full Moon week for relationships. It begins with honoring your individuality and independence.

11:50 – Venus opposes Saturn (Sep. 2) on the Sabian symbol for 26 Cancer “Contentment and happiness in luxury, people reading on davenports.” A lovely symbol, but remember to work through problems in relationships when needed. Look at the structures you’ve built for your relationships. How can you fine-tune them?

15:42 – Is Venus easier in an opposition than in a square? Venus at 27.55 Cancer squares Mars in Aries this week (Sep. 4). Seeing this aspect evokes two lovers experiencing friction – and the Sabian symbols relate to many people being disappointed by and weighing in on your relationship choices. (We said it was relationship week, right, friends?)

18:09 – Segue of the week: Are planets assigned a gender? Hint: It’s all about yin-yang. It’s important to say: Our non-binary and gender fluid friends are always welcome here!

19:46 – Mercury sextiles Venus (Sep. 4) and the next day, the planet of communication enters Libra. Seeing both sides, examining the idea of balance, and give-and-take are on board here. Remember that communication is not just about what you say and express; it’s also important to listen!

21:38 – Mercury in Virgo trines Pluto (Sep. 1) and then trines Saturn (Sep. 3). A productive week for deep discussions about difficult topics. Maybe it’s time to form some new communication habits?

23:15 – Mercury enters Libra like a refreshing breeze, airing out an earth-heavy planetary lineup! Listen to Episode 36, A Mini-Class for the Dog Days: Elements & Modalities for more on the elements. And the breathing exercise Jen mentions can be found in Episode 13, Pisces Season: Gopher it!

24:11 – Venus enters Leo Sep. 6 and will be there through Oct. 3. The planet of love, relationships, and value will take on a romantic, passionate, and creative vibe. Careful not to overspend. And hey, maybe paint along with Bob Ross, or grow a chia pet!

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1 comment to " Episode 41 | Pisces Full Moon and the Yin to Your Yang "

  • Dear April and Jen,

    Thank you for the lovely mention of my comment on Moon Phase Families. During my exploration of this extended lunar cycle, I have found that the new moon phase can take time, patience, or a journal for our memory banks to access the seeds we planted due to the darkness of this cycle.. The first quarter phase brings light and is easier for the vault to locate the entry.

    You mentioned that your midheaven is at 15 Virgo in the sign that opposes Pisces. I ask you to take some more time to ponder this full moon at 10 Pisces. Your first podcast episode was on Nov 26, about a week before the first quarter moon on Dec 4 at 11 Pisces. I dare say that you and Jen have hit your stride 9 months and a gestational cycle later. For evidence, I submit that you are hosting a Podathon. All is illuminated and you are bringing in new ideas to share your message more broadly.

    What was happening in late February and early March of 2019? April, were you thinking you needed to find a new avenue to reach astrology lovers? Did I should do a podcast cross your mind? Did you and Jen meet at this time? Take time to examine and be amazed. Get ready for the rewards June 2, 2021, Give a grace period of a week or so on either side.

    With love and light,

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