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Episode 238 | Mars vs. Pluto: Storms Approaching!

Episode 238 | Mars vs. Pluto: Storms Approaching!

This week, determination meets resistance as Mars squares Pluto; Mercury’s square to Saturn rewards focus and discipline; the Virgo First Quarter Moon motivates with more than the usual amount of tension; Venus’ square to Neptune dispels illusions; Venus enters home-and-family-loving Cancer; and April answers a listener question about profections, an ancient technique for evaluating your birthday year. Plus: Storms, bathing beauties, and trimming the palms!

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[1:28] Mars squares Pluto this week (June 11, 6:21 am PDT) at 01º45’ Taurus-Aquarius. Mars is on Sabian symbol 2 Taurus, An electrical storm, Pluto on 2 Aquarius, An unexpected thunderstorm. Now is not the time to push your own agenda.

[3:33] Mercury squares Saturn (June 12, 3:47 am PDT) at 19º10’ Gemini-Pisces. Challenging conversations and/or learning can be handled with a little bit of determination.

[5:02] Moon Report! The Virgo First Quarter Moon (June 13, 10:18 pm PDT, 23º39’ Virgo) is opposed Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, with all of them square the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Gemini, forming a nerve-frazzling T-square configuration. Self-soothe by spending time outdoors, travelling, planning your next big trip, reading a book or by interacting with animals.

[8:58] This is the First Quarter in a lunar phase family cycle (LPFC) that began with a New Moon on Sep. 14, 2023, at 21º58’ Virgo. What were your goals then? Now is the time to act on them. More turning points in this LPFC come at the March 13, 2025 Full Moon and the Last Quarter on Dec. 11, 2025.

[10:50] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon periods for this week. On June 11 (12:16 pm PDT), the Moon in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus. It’s VOC for almost 10 ½ hours before entering Virgo (10:39 pm PDT). Is your desire for attention and accolades keeping you from being free?

[12:22] On June 14 (10:53 am PDT), the Moon in Virgo opposes Neptune. It’s VOC for 19 minutes, then enters Libra (11:12 am PDT). Try not to be so focused on a particular end goal that you miss other possibilities.

[13:19] On June 16 (11:05 pm PDT), the Moon in Libra trines Mercury in Gemini. It’s VOC for 33 minutes, then enters Scorpio (11:38 pm PDT). Make a list of three to five people in your life that you would like to see more or get to know better.

[14:27] The Sun conjuncts Mercury at 24º06’ Gemini (June 14, 9:32 am PDT) on the Sabian symbol, 25 Gemini, A man trimming palms. Keep your messages short and to the point. Be on the lookout for inspiration.

[15:51] Venus squares Neptune on June 16 (8:46 pm PDT) at 29º52’ Gemini-Pisces. The Sabian symbol for Venus is 30 Gemini, Bathing beauties, Neptune is on 30 Pisces The great stone face. As illusions fade, appreciate reality.

[18:12] Venus enters Cancer (June 16, 11:20 pm PDT), through July 11, 2024. Enjoy beautifying and entertaining in your home, enjoy family, gardening, cooking, and pets.

[19:23] Listener Elliott asks about profection years.
Resources: Intro video on the Astrology Podcast, Profections Wheel from Kelly’s Astrology, Profections Worksheet from Chris Brennan.

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