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Episode 218 | Leo Full Moon: Drama Alert!

Episode 218 | Leo Full Moon: Drama Alert!

This week, Venus puts on her Capricorn pinstripe suit, then shows some love to Jupiter and Saturn. A bright, sunny, Leo Full Moon lights up exuberant Jupiter – enjoy, but rein in the drama! Uranus moves forward with the wind at its back, Mercury finishes some work with Mars, and Mars squares the Lunar Nodes – do we have to fill our shopping bag so full? And April answers a listener question about lunar aspects that occurred just before you were born. Plus: A choir singing, Moon juice energy, and some different appetizers!

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[1:13] Venus enters Capricorn on Jan. 23 (12:50 am PST, through Feb. 16). It’s time to get serious about relationships and the way we handle our money, to make beauty part of our business, and to create things that will last.

[3:04] Moon Report! The Leo Full Moon on Jan. 25 (9:54 am PST, 05º14’ Leo-Aquarius). The Moon’s Sabian symbol is 6 Leo, An old-fashioned woman and an up to date girl. The dynamic Full Moon chart features the Leo Moon opposed the Sun and Pluto, with all three square Jupiter in Taurus. Celebrate what’s unique about you and the beautiful artistic qualities you offer the world – but rein in the drama.

[6:22] This is the Full Moon in a Lunar Phase Family Cycle that began on July 28, 2022, with a New Moon at 05º38’ Leo. The First Quarter in this cycle was on April 27, 2023. The Last Quarter in this cycle will be on Oct. 24, 2024.

[7:18] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon periods. On Jan. 22, the Moon in Gemini opposes Venus in Sagittarius (12:40 pm PST) and is VOC for just over sixty minutes, then enters Cancer (1:51 pm PST). Going after something you desire often means leaving your comfort zone.

[9:04] On Jan. 24, the Moon in Cancer trines Neptune (2:58 pm PST), then is VOC for about 8 ½ hours (!!!), until the Moon enters Leo (11:36 pm PST). An extremely fecund period when for expressing the ideas that you’ve been incubating. A deeper sense of affection with loved ones is also possible at this time.

[10:35] On Jan. 26, the Moon in Leo squares Uranus (1:19 pm PST) and begins a 21-hour VOC (!!!) period, before entering Virgo (Jan. 27, 11:11 am PST). Much like this week’s Full Moon, this examines how being ourselves conflicts with belonging to a group.

[12:05] The Sun in Aquarius squares Jupiter on Jan. 26 (11:19 pm PST) at 06º49’ Aquarius-Taurus. Watch out for conflict between progress and need for financial certainty.

[13:52] On Jan. 26 (11:35 pm PST), Uranus stations direct at 19°05’ on the Sabian symbol 20 Taurus, Wind, clouds, and haste. Be careful not to move too quickly or make impulsive decisions that can’t be taken back.

[15:52] Mercury conjoins Mars on Jan. 27 (6:59 am PST, 17º17’ Capricorn). This is the third in a series of Mercury-Mars conjunctions. The first was on Oct. 29 and the second on Dec. 27, 2023. This combination supports mental acuity and can give courage to say what we need to say, but beware of overdoing it.

[17:09] On Jan. 28 (1:06 pm PST), Mercury trines Uranus at 19°05’ Capricorn-Taurus. This is an excellent aspect for opening our minds to the sudden inspiration that seems to come from nowhere. Mercury is, on the Sabian symbol, 20 Capricorn, A hidden choir singing.

[18:27] Venus sextiles Saturn on Jan. 27 (10:03 pm PST) at 6°00’ Capricorn-Pisces. An opportunity to build something that you love, to introduce more love and pleasure into the work that you do and a good time to organize your finances.

[19:07] On Jan. 28th (5:02 pm PST), Venus trines Jupiter at 06°59’ Capricorn-Taurus. What you love is your treasure.

[20:35] Mars squares the Lunar Nodes at 18º02’ Capricorn-Aries on Jan. 28 (6:19 am PST). The Sabian symbol for Mars here, 19 Capricorn, is A child of about five with a huge shopping bag. The Sabian symbol for the North Node is 19 Aries, The Magic Carpet. By giving over to faith and magic, maybe you can actually get farther along your path.

[22:42] Listener Scout asks about separating lunar aspects. Check out Ep. 116 for a review on planetary orbs and this video about applying and separating aspects.

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Writing and images © 2017-24 by April Elliott Kent

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