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Episode 193 | Pisces Full Moon: The Ecstasy of the Everyday!

Episode 193 | Pisces Full Moon: The Ecstasy of the Everyday!

This week: The Pisces Full Moon and the ecstasy of the everyday; Uranus turns retrograde just as Venus finally turns direct; and looking back at Venus’s retrograde period. And April answers a listener question about what it means when something you’re seeing in your chart doesn’t seem to be showing up in your life. Plus: carpeting, quirkiness blowback, and making a ruckus!

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[3:30] Moon Report! The Pisces Full Moon is on Aug. 30 (6:36 PM PDT) at 07°25’ Pisces-Virgo. The Sabian symbol for the Moon is 8 Pisces, Girl blowing a bugle, and the Sun is on 8 Virgo, First dancing instruction.

[5:20] The Full Moon is in a conjunction with Saturn (on 4 Pisces, Heavy traffic on a narrow isthmus), with both opposed the Sun. Check out Episode 192 for a recap of the Sun/Saturn opposition. Call attention to something that makes it hard to share a crowded space with others, then learn prescribed steps to move in harmony together.

[7:29] This Full Moon is part of a Lunar Phase Family Cycle that began with the Pisces New Moon on March 2, 2022. The First Quarter Moon in this cycle was on Nov. 30, 2022, and the Last Quarter Phase is on May 30, 2024. Are there some changes that we would like to make to finish up this particular cycle with a sense of spiritual purpose?

[8:53] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon periods for this week. On Aug. 28th (4:49 AM PDT), the Moon in Capricorn conjoins Pluto. It’s VOC for about 2 ¾ hours before entering Aquarius (7:32 AM PDT). Constrain emotions in order to get what you want, but don’t lose touch with them altogether!

[10:33] The Moon in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus on Aug. 29 (8:04 PM PDT). It’s VOC for about 11 hours (!!!) before entering Pisces on Aug. 30 (6:56 AM PDT). Think about how to change emotional patterns around connection with others vs the need for independence.

[11:53] On September 1, the Moon in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn (3:36 AM PDT). It’s VOC for a little under two hours, then enters Aries (6:25 AM PDT). This is an opportunity to align with powerful forces that move us in the direction of meaningful accomplishment.

[13:37] Uranus stations retrograde on Aug. 28 (7:39 PM PDT, through Jan. 26, 2024) at 23°04’ Taurus. Focus on breaking out of patterns that keep you from being who you want to be, doing what you want to do, and feeling free.

[16:29] Venus, retrograde since July 22, stations direct on September 3 (6:20 PM PDT) at 12°12’ Leo on the Sabian symbol 13 Leo, An old sea captain rocking. Now we’ll be able to move ahead in matters of love and money.

[19:34] Listener Josh asks about why some career developments suggested in his chart are not showing up in his life.

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