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Episode 115 | Capricorn Last Quarter Moon: Shakeups and Headbutts

Episode 115 | Capricorn Last Quarter Moon: Shakeups and Headbutts

A square aspect between Mars and Uranus gets the week off to an invigorating start! But take caution, especially when driving or in situations that could lead to conflict. This week’s void-of-course Moon periods, and a Capricorn Last Quarter Moon that’s connected to the Christmas 2019 Solar Eclipse. Mercury and Neptune unite, with artistic yet muddled results, before Mercury leaps into straightforward Aries. And April answers listener Patel’s question about the difference between sun sign and rising sign birth charts and the kind of reading that can be done without a precise birth time, which may or may not include Mars and headbutts at incendiary office parties.

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[0:43] This week’s big sky happenings

[1:12] Mars square Uranus: a wild combination

[3:26] April’s advice on how to work with difficult planetary aspects

[4:39] Mercury’s conjunction with Neptune, on the degree of next month’s Jupiter/Neptune conjunction.

[6:05] An interpretation of the Sabian symbol, “An inhabited isle.”

[7:14] Moon report time! It’s the Capricorn Last Quarter Moon!

[8:18] A Capricorn Moon keeps us on task, and an Aries Sun keeps us moving.

[9:33] This Last Quarter is part of the lunar phase family that began at the Christmas 2019 eclipse. Are you on track to complete something you started then?

[10:29] Mars is the surprising connection between the Sun and Moon at this Last Quarter.

[11:50] This week’s void-of-course moon periods

[15:39] Contact April for an online private reading

[16:24] Mercury enters Aries: Cutting through the fog!

[18:03] A listener question about sun sign and rising sign charts

[25:09] Where to go for more of The Big Sky Astrology Podcast

[25:28] A shout out to the show’s generous donors, especially Maressa Brown, Andrea Ingham and Leslie Wade!


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  • That was such a great listener question! Perhaps you attract wordsmiths as you are such an awesome writer yourself! I do have a bit of a follow-up question to the listener’s question. What do you mean when you say “put the planet on the As”? How does one do that? Or could you direct me to a resource where I can learn more? Sounds really interesting! Thank you!

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