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Blogging – and learning – in 2008.

If you’re a tired, graying, middle-aged hostess who’s just run out of beer, you’ll be glad you invited Adrian Grenier to your party.

Cyber-cupcakes aren’t quite as satisfying as the real thing.

Looks as though I’ll have to give up my dream of starring in a remake of Hee-Haw.

Sometimes, you catch a break.

I laughed in the face of conventional astrological wisdom and bought a computer on the day Mercury turned retrograde – and yet, I continue to breathe and the world to spin upon its axis. (Pinky and I are very happy together.)

Signing copies of your book is a lot more fun than cleaning bathrooms. And, there are in fact ways of misspelling my name that I’d never encountered before.

Feeling good is more fun than writing well. Skunks can really eat a lot of kibble.

Beds aren’t necessarily as harmless as they look.

In New Zealand one says “photocopies” instead of simply “copies” – and it’s not so easy to find a place to make them in downtown Auckland.

Everything that is utterly fabulous about NZ – the people, the scenery, the outstanding dairy products – comes with a price: tediously winding 2-land highways.

Even having the flu can feel like a vacation when you’re four time zones from home.

Not even Pluto in Sagittarius (or the Bush II administration) can last forever.

Sometimes, you catch a break.

Thanks for reading the Big Sky AstroBlog in 2008,
and warmest wishes for a bright and prosperous 2009.

2 comments to " Blogging – and learning – in 2008. "

  • Susan

    Happy New Year to you, April. I so enjoy your blog and the writing you do for MoonCircles. I plan to listen to the natal chart reaing you did for me again tomorrow, just to see if there is anything pertinent for the new year.

    OH! And I have two (2!!) daughters getting married this year!!!! Bought your book, just for my own enlightenment. They are handling all the plans themselves and I doubt they want any input from anyone.

    Wish me (or more to the point, them) luck
    Deep peace to you

  • You are so funny.

    Have a fabulous new year, Kent!

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