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Balm for my Virgo midheaven.

More celebration of Virgo’s practical magic in this excellent article at Oculus Divinorum, entitled “From Subservient Secretary to Ritual Priestess.”

It’s easy to forget, in the push to simplify astrology for the masses, to look a little deeper at the signs of the zodiac and what they say about our style of doing things, perhaps more so than the kind of things we do. I am a recovered executive secretary myself (though not exactly subservient – my MC is flanked by Mars and Pluto, which often got me into trouble) with a Virgo midheaven. It’s work I respect, but ultimately it wasn’t right for me (too many Leo planets), even though all the astrology books claimed it was the perfect career choice for a Virgo MC.

While I wouldn’t exactly call myelf a ritual priestess these days, I do find a very Virgo-like satisfaction in work that allows me to help people sort things out – websites, wedding dates, lives. Now, if I could do the same thing in my own office…