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Astrology Highlights for March 4-10, 2024: The Peace Inside

Wake-Up Call

Mercury tends to be a tad unfocused as it moves through Pisces. But as it connects with Uranus in a sextile aspect this week (March 4, 2024, 12:23 pm PST, 19º41′ Pisces/Taurus), it gets a wake-up call. Inspiration will make an appearance under this aspect, but it’s all too easy to sleep through its visit entirely.

While Mercury is in Pisces, it’s important to give our rational minds a rest. And one of the advantages of doing so is that a rested mind is apt to see more clearly and make better, more inspired choices. But as Mercury sextiles Uranus, don’t hit the snooze alarm. Get out of bed, show up for work, and prepare to capture some Uranian ideas as they go flashing by.

Static Between Frequencies

Mercury joins with Neptune this week (March 8, 2024, 7:06 am PST, 27º01’ Pisces), initiating a new chapter in their ongoing (if very different) quests for clarity. Normally, Mercury feels that truth is found in the mind, in what can be observed with the senses and analyzed with logic. Neptune knows that it’s not as easy as that, that much of what’s true and precious can only be experienced with the heart and soul. As Hamlet said, “There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

At this conjunction, Horatio – dressed in Pisces clothing – gives himself over completely to Neptune’s realm of intuition and the invisible. Take the Uranian inspirations from earlier in the week and meditate on them. The conjunction falls on the Sabian symbol 28 Pisces: A fertile garden under a full moon. Your garden is about to be revealed; but, for a couple of days, let your mind wander a bit. Tune in to the static between frequencies. Let your mind jump the tracks of earthly logic and swim in the waters of imagination.

The Peace Inside

Mars and Uranus are an explosive and unpredictable combo, particularly when they are square each other (March 9, 2024, 2:55 pm PST) in the stubborn, inflexible signs of Aquarius and Taurus.

And yet… Mars at 19º51 is on the Sabian Symbol 20 Aquarius, A big white dove, a message bearer. The dove is a symbol of peace, and though this combination of planets seems anything but peaceful, Mars in Aquarius works effectively within the realm of contradiction, declaring, “I will be a warrior for peace, freedom, and justice.”

To make peace in the world, we first have to make peace within ourselves. The Sun in Pisces’ sextile to Uranus just six minutes later (March 9, 2024, 3:01 pm PST), opens the window to achieving this most difficult-to-reach state. Tranquility begins inside, with the ability to accept change and to change our minds when it’s called for.

Feet-First Into the Fire

After drifting through Pisces since Feb. 22, a deeper, wiser, and well-rested Mercury jumps feet-first into the fires of Aries (March 9, 2024, 8:03 pm PST). Here, Mercury favors moving fast, thinking faster, and talking even faster than that. It’s not that we’ve forgotten the wisdom of the Pisces journey; it’s just that, where Aries is concerned, each day is potentially the beginning of a whole new life. Aries is more interested in new challenges and fresh ideas than in soul-searching and reflection.

Mercury’s unusually long stay in Aries (through May 15) could be an invigorating influence, and a lot of fun. It’s not the best placement for detail work or routine chores, but relish its inspiration and embrace the desire to take on the world.

And enjoy it while you can, because Mercury will be retrograde in this sign between April 1-25, and no planet in speedy Aries enjoys being retrograde. Communications and logistics will slow down, and that can be very frustrating for full-speed-ahead Aries. Try to cross all the t’s and read the fine print in advance, or at least rely on someone close to you (a helpful Virgo, perhaps) to help you prepare.

Cold Shower

Refreshed from its dip in Pisces’ waters, Mercury makes its first aspect in Aries: a sextile to Pluto (March 10, 2024, 3:20 pm PDT) – which should feel a bit like going from a warm bubble bath into an icy shower. Pluto always gives us the chance to see what’s really going on, without any comforting illusions. The truth can be as bracing as that cold shower – but once we’re fully awake, we have a better chance of making good choices, and moving in the direction of authenticity.

Beyond the Things of the Earth

In the chart for this week’s Pisces New Moon (March 10, 2024, 1 am PST, 20º16′ Pisces), the Sun and the Moon conjoin Saturn on one side, Neptune on the other, and also make a friendly sextile aspect to Uranus.

This New Moon chart shows hard work and discipline on one hand (Saturn) as well as a more casual and intuitive approach on the other (Neptune). Put these together, and there’s every opportunity to define your dreams and create the infrastructure to support your efforts. Not to mention the willingness to roll with anything unexpected that Uranus sends your way.

An important theme for the Pisces New Moon is the exploration of a spiritual path, and to engage in healing, forgiveness, and service. If you’re carrying a grievance or grudge, see if you can begin to let that go. Because you can’t really heal from the damage until you have let go of that kind of strong, negative connection.

Pisces reminds us how much lies beyond the things of the earth and the flesh, what we can see and experience with our senses, and this is a New Moon period for exploring that otherworldly realm. You might decide to attend regular services at a place of worship or commit to a daily meditation or ritual practice. Whatever connects you to the world beyond this one is the right kind of work for the Pisces New Moon.

(This New Moon initiates a Lunar Phase Family Cycle that tells this Pisces story over the coming few years. Look for action points in this story at the First Quarter Moon on Dec. 8, 2024 at 17º02′ Pisces; the Full Moon on Sep. 7, 2025 at 15º22′ Pisces; and the Last Quarter Moon on June 8, 2026 at 17º38′ Pisces.)

Writing and images © 2017-24 by April Elliott Kent

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