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Astrology Highlights for Aug. 14-21, 2023: Sowing, Loving, Shining

Things We Do

In astrology, the Sun symbolizes (among other things) sanity – the sense of self and sovereignty that comes with an intact, healthy ego. It’s the self we take for granted, our default settings, our governing principles. A healthy Sun gives us a strong platform from which to launch out into the challenge of building and maintaining a life.

The Sun tells us that there are Things We Do and Things We Do Not Do, by virtue of being who we are. “As an introvert, I hate going to parties,” might be one of these rules, or, “I’m not someone who will take a vacation by myself.” But on occasion, a fleeting transit opens up the concept of Self for a brief, spontaneous rumspringa. This week offers such an occasion, as the transiting Sun makes a square to Uranus (Aug. 15, 2023, 7:34 pm PDT). Even if the unpredictability of life in recent years has left you holding on to stability with both hands, allow this quick transit to throw you off course. It’s time to adjust your settings a little bit. Allow the unexpected thing become a Thing That You Do.

Sowing, Loving, Shining

Each year, at the Leo New Moon (Aug. 16, 2023, 2:38 am PDT), we’re called to plant seeds of ecstatic love and joy. Those seeds may take the form of tentative steps toward romance, or starting a band or a new business, or even welcoming tiny creatures – the heart made visible – into our homes.

But the New Moon is a dark, uncertain phase, even when it’s basking in Leo’s glowing fire. And that’s especially true, if I’m to be honest, at this Leo New Moon, when the Sun and Moon at 23º17’ Leo are square unpredictable Uranus, a wild wind that can extinguish the New Moon flame before it gets a chance to become a full-fledged fire.

The New Moon’s Sabian symbol is 24 Leo, An untidy, unkempt man. I have great fondness for this image; I live in a household of people who get so caught up in our passionate pursuits that we (and the house) are a mess most of the time. But that’s often the kind of intensity it takes to summon and realize an act of creation, and one’s hairstyle and the breakfast dishes be damned.

When you plant seeds, you can’t know exactly what will come of them. They may fail to germinate at all. And if they do, even if they flourish, it’s certain that they’ll know dark days, too. Days of flood or of dry, crackling heat. Days of disappointment, disagreements, disillusionment, and reminders of mortality. Leo’s job is not to keep ourselves tidy, but to just keep sowing, just keep loving, and just keep shining.

The Cowboy and the Bull

Since Uranus entered Taurus in 2018, I’ve been trying to reconcile the unpredictability of Uranus with what I considered was the staid nature of Taurus. But recently, it dawned on me that I’ve been thinking of Taurus only as a cow, and not as a bull. One is mild, the other unpredictable and prone to violence – a much more apt symbol for Uranus in this sign.

Mars in Virgo approaches a trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus this week (Aug. 16, 2023, 6:53 am PDT) on the Sabian symbol 23 Virgo, An animal trainer. Imagine this Mars as a seasoned cowboy approaching a dangerous, unpredictable bull. The cowboy takes his time, earning the animal’s trust with a quiet voice and gentle, unthreatening manner. He shows respect, but never fear.

Even when they meet in a positive aspect, the combination of Mars and Uranus is volatile. Under its influence, we can find inspiration and bold, brilliant breakthroughs, especially in our work. But this is a combination whose power, and the unexpected natural forces it represents, must be respected. Prepare to encounter the unexpected; we’ll meet it most effectively by emulating the Mars in Virgo cowboy, keeping our voice low and our manner calm, meeting whatever comes with quiet confidence. 

Leading and Learning

Pluto’s recent squares to the North Node (July 22, 25, and 28) brought sobering realities that may have made a great opportunity seem of reach. But this week, as the Sun in Leo trines the Aries North Node (Aug. 19, 2023, 10:13 am PDT), someone important sees you in a new light. In fact, it’s probably the way you handled your recent difficulties that has have made you shine more brightly as a potential leader. You look like someone who can handle a new challenge, who listens to your own instincts and can act decisively. All that’s left to make this new opportunity a complete success is for you to share your knowledge – and to let it be known that you’re eager to learn even more.

Writing and images © 2017-23 by April Elliott Kent

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3 comments to " Astrology Highlights for Aug. 14-21, 2023: Sowing, Loving, Shining "

  • Nancy

    “Who do I want to be?” is very much the question, too, at this week’s New Moon in Leo – the sign of the creative spirit and our individual genius – square Uranus (Aug. 16, 2:38 am PDT). Uranus is the planet that shows up to liberate us when we’ve grown stuck or complacent, shaking us up and pushing us into action. It frees us up to be who we want to be – our true “Leo” selves – instead of who we think we have to be. Enjoy the process and welcome a new, inspired sense of self!

    I love this paragraph! Usually I don’t like questions like the one posed here, yet for once I have answer or am willing to take a gander at what an answer might be.

    I’m ending a 40 year career as a landscape gardener, I’ve loved my gardens and their owners. Now it is time for me and I’m willing to gently close a door so I can dance through a new one.

    Don’t really know what is behind door #2 but I’m about to take a peek.

    Thank you April, you hit the nail on the head! Well done.

  • I’m thinking of you, April, the loss of your friend, and the marvel of receiving notes/letters that you sent to her throughout the years. Now returned to you as you reflect upon that friendship. Something similar happened to me this spring. According to her daughter, a dear friend had saved the notes/cards that I had mailed to her.
    It reminded me of how much I like to receive personal mail–to sit with a cup of tea as I read those notes. And how much that I like to write. So off I went with pen in hand; have managed to write five long notes to people that have been on my mind. I find myself smiling. In this day of quick texts and/or telephoning and voicemails, I realized that I wanted to reach out in a deeper manner…to send notes. Notes that can arrive in the mail, received with a smile, read, and reread; connection felt. Thank you, April for your column and your insights. They always bring a smile.

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