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A new home

A couple of weeks ago, transiting Uranus turned retrograde right smack on my 4th house cusp (and coincidentally, still square my Moon). To say I’ve been feeling like moving would be an understatement. But we like San Diego. This weird place where we ended up by accident 13 years ago has become home. We know our neighbors. We have close friends here, friends I’ve known for 25, 30 years. It’s as close to my siblings (who live in a high-desert town that I do not like) as I can reasonably expect to be. The weather is good – except for today; that horrible heat and humidity we had around the New Moon is back.

We’ve played with the idea of moving to New Zealand, a move that makes sense in every conceivable way (good exchange rate, beautiful, my husband is a citizen and has friends and family there, they have great health care and a liberal government, etc.) except to my heart. We’ve considered moving to another state, or to another part of California – but where? Or to another house in San Diego – but then we look at what we could get for the likely sales price of our house, and figure we might as well stay right where we are.

So here I am, apparently not going anyplace anytime soon, although Uranus may have some tricks up his sleeve that he hasn’t shown me yet. For now, I’ll have to satisfy my urge for a new home by moving this blog from its old home at Blogger, back to my own site and a snazzy new Word Press interface. Welcome.