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Taurus New Moon: Don’t Cry Over Spilled Syrup

taurus-dontcry-syrup_300I bought a fancy glass bottle of pancake syrup at the supermarket. When I got home, I tried to gather up too many of the grocery bags at once instead of simply making a second trip from the car to the house. Naturally, I dropped one of the bags—and of course, it was the one that contained the bottle of syrup, which smashed, covering everything else in a fine layer of goo. A shard of broken glass tore a small hole in the bag, and as I carried it into the house, I left a trail of organic Canadian maple goodness along the sidewalk, onto the porch, and across the length of the living room and kitchen.

I yelled. I cursed. I think I probably stomped my feet. I was already in a bad mood; I’d spent the morning moping about some problems I’d had with checks that hadn’t arrived, or which had arrived and promptly been lost, and spending twice as long as I’d planned at the hair salon because I’d forgotten it was a “color” day. Now I was behind in my work, feeling broke, and would have to spend time I didn’t have on cleaning up syrup. Tallying my grievances against an uncaring universe, I stamped my feet some more, sending the cats running for cover.

Then, I spent the better part of the afternoon scrubbing maple syrup from tile and wood floors and hosing it from the sidewalk. But the next morning I hit a few residual sticky patches in the living room, and while I was still grumbling about my newly adhesive shoes, a website problem came up – just minutes before an out-of-town friend was scheduled to arrive for a visit. I was ready to sit down on the floor and have a good cry.

I’m not a sun sign Scorpio, though on the days when my Moon/Pluto square acts up you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Such emotional drama (as only a Sun sign Leo can deliver); so much throwing of crockery and swearing! I’m pretty intense to live with.

Fortunately, I married a guy with the Moon in Taurus. Taurus’ super power is the ability to diffuse tension and drama. My Taurus mother was particularly adroit at countering my tantrums and emotional firestorms with patience and humor. She liked my husband the moment she met him, perhaps sensing that here was someone to whom she could pass the torch, who could talk me down from the occasional emotional ledge without being intimidated by my … shall we say, passionate nature.

And bless him, he’s very good at it. Without getting excited, he offered to help me with the website problem. He cracked open his laptop, but before he’d gotten very far, an easy fix had already occurred to me. Something about his stabilizing presence always calms me down enough to think clearly, so that the obvious solution has a chance to present itself.

If Taurus could be distilled and bottled, the manufacturers of Xanax would soon be out of business. Before you get the wrong idea—because Taurus is forever being compared to things like rocks, and they seldom take it as a compliment—I mean this as a tribute to the Bull’s calm and steadying influence. When Taurus walks into a room, the level of melodrama plummets. Intractable situations are suddenly completely under control.

Taurus brings with it a degree of confidence and practicality that simplifies whatever is overwhelming and demystifies all that is vaguely terrifying. Taurus would have laughed about the trail of maple syrup, settled the visiting friend with a cup of tea and a friendly cat, and calmly diagnosed the website problem. There would have been no flapping of arms, no dramatic cries of victimization. Things would simply have gotten done, with no fuss. That’s the right attitude to carry into this New Moon in Taurus—capable, and above all calm.

In the end, I decided that the reason I was feeling so overwhelmed and victimized by trivial things was simple: I haven’t been sleeping well, and I was just plain tired. So I set aside my writing for a little while and took a nice, long nap. When I woke up, I got out a cleaning rag for one last go at some maple syrup residue I’d found on the living room floor. I checked my email and found that the checks are, as they say, “in the mail”. I calmly cored the last of the tomatoes from our garden for tonight’s marina sauce. With these small, homely tasks, performed methodically and serenely, I cultivated my own inner Taurus – and regained my balance.

© 2012, 2015 April Elliott Kent

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8 comments to " Taurus New Moon: Don’t Cry Over Spilled Syrup "

  • Yes! Cultivating your inner Taurus…with the sun, Venus and Jupiter in Taurus, I appreciate all those nice things you said about us…and with a daughter who is prone to flinging her arms, stomping her feet and shouting until blue in the face, she needs my calmness 🙂

  • Victoria

    April… Thank you so much for this one.. it explains so much for me. As I started to read it and got to the part about the temper tantrums, I saw myself, so I looked again at my chart. Scorpio as my North Node.
    I have always had a passionate nature,although I hoped it would level out with age…HA
    Talk about trails of syrup… almost anything can be syrup some days. Dogs scurry at my house!
    Been doing the “Zen Thing”, as I call it.. whispering instead of shouting and thinking of myself quite “McGuyver” when I solve some frustrating issue, and they all are for this Aries.
    Again, Thanks

  • Nancy

    True, Taurus is rock solid. My Sun, thankfully, to counterbalance the Gemini Moon that frazzles over everything.

  • Oh how I so needed this with so many things going sideways, Thursday on the way home I want to throw a tantrum, cry and scream after spending $1,000 in repairs on my truck to have something else go wrong….. a long nap was had, things looked better and I went and fed and brushed as well as blanketed horses, put a fire in the wood burning stove and had a cup of tea!

  • Ann T.

    Well spoken, as always, April! Thanks for reminding us that when we feel life has targeted us for spilt syrup-type situations, we are not alone – everyone has their share. It’s so easy to feel victimized when we’re not centered then lose our balance very easily. It appears that the law of attraction works perfectly – when something is not going right, it attracts other things not going right. A comment on your Taurus New Moon piece that mentions this Mercury retrograde in Gemini – since Mercury entered its shadow period, people in my circle of friends & family (myself included) have been experiencing multiple challenging events like you describe in “spilt syrup.” I feel exhausted from “bad news fatigue.” Just a validation that this retro is STRONG. When retro, Merc’s rational intellectual clarity is replaced by visions and dreams as logic gives way to intuition. Since Neptune is the higher octave of Mercury and currently Neptune in Pisces is square Mercury in Gemini, could Neptune be adding fuel to the fire by making us even more confused and absent minded as we are under the spell of Neptune’s fog?

  • Karen

    Amazing! I’ve noticed with my Taurus rising that I attract people who need a calming influence. Now I know why!

  • Yesterday my beloved (Taurus) Nick started exhibiting strange neurological symptoms and I was freaking out, since my trusted vet is closed for the weekend. So I called my ex-boyfriend Richard and suddenly everything seemed manageable. Although he doesn’t have any Taurus planets, our COMPOSITE SUN is Taurus and he always calms me down. Nick is fine today (could this just be Merky Turkey??) but I’m still taking him in tomorrow for tests. Fingers crossed that he’ll be okay! Happy New Moon April dear…

  • Myrna Rae

    Thank you for the wonderful personna of the Taurean. Being a Taurus, I appreciate all the great statements regarding our strength. We are definitely earth bound souls that are here for the greater good of the universe. The ancient masters have blessed our existence.

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