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Highlights Oct. 22-28, 2018

Long shadows and fierce beauty

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The Magician

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of conversations with people who have many talents and tools, but who have a hard time deciding which one is worthy of their full devotion. “How can I be more creative?” is usually the question that’s asked, but I know that they’re already creative; the question is really, “How can I devote myself to my creative urges? How can I trust that they’re worthwhile?”

Mercury represents your tools and skills, like the Magician card in the tarot with all the tools of alchemy laid out before him. As Mercury applies to a sextile with Pluto this week (Oct. 22, 12:11 pm), an opportunity is presented to you.  Perhaps someone asks you to use your skills in a particular way, or you notice a need that you are qualified to fulfill. It will probably be an opportunity that could be seized by any number of people – but only you can bring your particular genius to the situation, and you are uniquely qualified. You have all the tools you need. Don’t doubt yourself. Seize the opportunity, and watch your creativity flow.

“You were given your gift for the joy you may give in return.” ― Cornelius Elmore Addison, Tom Thorneval: Dream Merchant Extraordinaire

A murder of crows

One day last week, I was lured out onto my front porch in the late afternoon by the sound of crows calling to one another. I fetched a bag of peanuts that we keep for them and scattered a handful onto the sidewalk. Immediately, a flurry of them descended, landing in our pine trees and skipping around in the street, calling out with great enthusiasm. The peanuts disappeared instantly; I tossed out another handful that were snatched up just as quickly, and another handful, emptying the bag. By now, the front of our house looked like a Hitchcock film. I sat down on the porch to watch.

We often have crows in Scorpio’s season; they’re black and sleek and live off anything. And they’re loyal. They remember a kindness from humans. They look out for one another. They’re always welcome here. But I have to admit, this enormous visitation – it must have been a “murder” of crows – was a little unsettling, with noise and movement and sheer numbers.

On the 23rd, the Sun enters Scorpio (4:23 am) and almost immediately opposes Uranus (Oct. 23 at 5:46 pm). It announces the season of long shadows with a flurry of black wings and full-throated caws. These are times that are fast-moving, unpredictable, and unsettling. But give this Sun in Scorpio month everything you have – keep no peanuts in reserve – and it will reward you.

But to get that reward, you have to be still enough to sit on the porch and wait out the maelstrom, and trusting enough to rely on the inherent loyalty of the season. That’s where the Full Moon in Taurus comes in (Oct. 24, 9:45 am). Even in conjunction with wildcard Uranus, the Taurus Full Moon symbolizes the peaceful, still, contented center, which is challenging to locate these days. But it can always be found in the natural world and its fierce, wild beauty; that’s what will keep you grounded.

Broken shells

I recently rewatched a TV series I like a lot called Dead Like Me. It tells the story of a girl named George who is killed by a piece of falling Mir Skylab debris and becomes a Grim Reaper. She takes the souls of people just before their death and then escorts them into the hereafter. Anyway, there were a few instances early on of a popular trope, in which a newly dead person doesn’t quite realize they’re dead and end up walking through walls, objects, even living people.

This is a roundabout way of getting to the Sun’s conjunction with Venus (10/26, 7:15 am), still retrograde in Scorpio. It’s like that moment when you’re walking behind someone and have almost caught up with them, and then realize they’re backing up – only the Sun plows right through Venus as though she wasn’t there.

The Sun represents what it takes to swagger through the world with pride and courage; in Scorpio, and opposed Uranus, what is required is a penetrating stare and the instincts to zig when the world zags, without getting ruffled. But while our solar selves are busy performing Scorpio – unafraid of anything, grabbing all the peanuts – Venus retrograde in this sign is a quiet reminder that on the inside, something in us is a little sad. Maybe even a little broken. Let’s not be so determined to look formidable that we forget to retrieve the peanut shells we left scattered on the pavement, broken wide open.

George: So… my whole life, everything… All I get to keep are thoughts and memories? Rube: That’s all we ever have, Peanut. – from Dead Like Me

All in

The week ends with the Sun’s sextile to Saturn (Oct. 27, 7:52 pm). Crows, I’m told, are ruled in astrology by Saturn. It makes sense; they are black, smart, and resourceful, right down to their ability to make tools.

The Sun has been on quite a journey this week. It entered Scorpio, a sign which encourages the Sun to shine a little more subtly, at such an angle that the shadows grow long and goulish. It faced Uranus, the god of change and of gangs, and stood silent while crows flew chaotically in each direction. It met the Full Moon across the horizon at sunset; walked through Venus retrograde like a chill wind. And now it meets Saturn, like one wise crow, and gets a word of advice. “Be of the earth and on the earth,” Saturn says. “Create magic and perform alchemy. Let your creative voice be heard. Life is filled with shadows – but they’re only possible because of the light.”

Be here, all in. Create thoughts and memories. Shine your light. Bring peanuts.

“Every shadow of doubt is cast from a candle of hope.” ― Samuel M. Griffin

©2018 April Elliott Kent

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  • Denise

    Nice one – thanks! Sitting on my porch today, reveling in the yellow and red leaves on the lilacs, currants, and dogwood, and watching the spider webs that I only see this time of year – they just throw themselves everywhere in the air – I see them shining on the powerlines, swinging in the air, and between the hood of my car and the driveway. Loving the quiet, but yes, feeling like things are about to speed up. My Scorpio friend feeds peanuts to the jays, closely related to crows. There is one he calls Two-Nut because unlike the rest, it always manages to take two nuts at a time.

  • Hattie

    Loved ‘Dead Like Me’ – thanks for the reminder!

  • Cynthia Rae

    I love that you always are so creative in your storytelling. It makes it so much easier, for me, to relate to the moment of the sky.

  • Sara McNeil

    Dear April, your words never fail to nourish me and to delight me. Thank you very, very much for this beautiful portmanteau post.

  • TONI

    This weekly message was an eye opener for me. I have been feeling sad inside but I now understand why. I intend to utilize Saturn in my pursuit of creativity that I know is just out of my reach at this time. I have already begun by going to my storage unit and rearranging it so I can better utilize the space. Thank you for this peanut

  • Ami

    Your writing tells these exquisite stories like Van Gogh painted the stars ⭐️ at night! Brilliantly!
    And this is from a human whose name means Crow.

  • Clairessense

    Thank you for reminding me of the Joy within my tears. My sadness serves me and is now being fondly felt.
    Bless you April

  • Gosh, this one is a treasure trove of wisdom and sit-up-straight insights. Amazing, and thanks, April!

  • Sherry

    You know, April, each and every week when your e-mail flies into my box, I think, “it’s time to go fishing!” The idea gets me all excited for I don’t exactly know what is in the pond, however, I do know that there is a story and a variety in it! It’s always an adventure with the anticipation of what you will bring us today to expand our minds and reach for the best, no matter what is there. Thanks for inspiring us all with your enlightening way. Love, light and Blessings to you and everyone! 😉

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