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Highlights for March 11-17, 2019: Emphatic but Wrong

Emphatic, but Wrong

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Stepping in it

No one enjoys being overlooked, or being told what to do or believe. But when everyone gets a bit bossy at once, or a bit too vehement in expressing their beliefs—which is always a possibility when the Sun squares Jupiter (March 13, 6:29 pm PDT)—then we’ve got a “too many cooks spoil the broth” situation on our hands. The Sun’s conjunction with Mercury the next day (March 14, 6:48 pm PDT) implies the conversational battle will be won by the “cooks” who express themselves the most creatively and charismatically—regardless of whether they have all their facts in order.

After all, Mercury is still retrograde—and in Pisces, which is not an easy sign for it—and it also squares Jupiter in opinionated Sagittarius this week (March 15, 4:17 pm PDT). I’m finding the theme for this combination is that we are inclined to be EMPHATIC but WRONG. I’ve stepped in it a couple of times over the past couple of weeks by insisting something was absolutely one way and then finding out very quickly that I was absolutely wrong about it. It’s embarrassing!

So, be a little humble this week. Think twice before you declare the Truth unto the world with total conviction. Double-check your facts, and watch your step!



Like all of us, I have some planetary aspects in my chart that I don’t love, and some that I do. The trine between Mars and Saturn in my chart definitely falls into the latter category. I’m not the best or smartest at everything I do, but I know how to formulate and deploy a strategy.

If you struggle with doing likewise, this week offers a little taste of it for everyone to enjoy. As Mars trines Saturn (March 14, 3:01 am PDT) in the earthy signs of Taurus and Saturn, it’s just a little easier than usual to outline a plan for how best to use your resources, and thereby reap tangible fruits from your labors. Apply yourself methodically in the first part of the week, and Saturn is likely to reward you in the latter part. In fact, as Mercury sextiles Mars (March 17, 8:23 pm PDT), a contact, idea, or offer from early February is likely to come to fruition this week, and with Mars/Saturn on your side you are in a better position to take advance of it.


Aligning with Power

Pluto is a scary planet, but also a symbol of enormous power. This week offers a couple of great opportunities to align yourself with influential people and powerful causes: Sun sextile Pluto (March 13, 7:25 am PDT), and Mercury sextile Pluto (March 16, 6:11 am PDT). Take an opportunity to place yourself in the vicinity of powerful people; they could notice and respond well to you, as long as you’re not trying to claim power that doesn’t belong to you!

Mercury made the same aspect to Pluto just a few weeks ago, on February 23, and now revisits it, retrograde, at the same spot. Look back through journal entries, correspondence, or your social media posts around that time for reminders of what you might have heard, thought about, or been offered then. Now is a time to reconsider whether it’s a good opportunity for you. If the time isn’t quite right to act, you’ll have one more chance around April 10.

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1 comment to " Highlights for March 11-17, 2019: Emphatic but Wrong "

  • Oh I love being associated with powerful people. People know their stuff and be able to command a room with their presence. I definitely feel people emphasize their work history but it can come off as arrogant. I had an interview yesterday and the HR specialist said it’s so refreshing to get a real answer. Haha. We laughed. But it’s true. People are saying the same things and not being themselves which hinders company culture. Anyhooooo. I pulled the Wheel of Fortune card for the week on my blog and totally feel it’s energy is asking me to pay attention to this pluto magic that’s taking place.

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