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From the eye of the firestorm

Once again, San Diego is on fire – and it’s looking a lot worse than 2003, when we actually evacuated north to escape the smoke. We’re a good distance from the action, at least for now; there are massive fires to the northeast and southeast, and somehow we’re not even getting much smoke here. Yet. But anything’s possible with these crazy-ass winds blowing from the east, straight toward the coast. Send good thoughts to San Diego!

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  • I just spoke with my brother in San Pasquel Valley. He was driving around the area. He drove by North County Fair and said there were a bunch of horses there. Also, interesting, there were a bunch of high end cars like Rolls, Bentley’s and others. I guess the owners wanted to keep them away from the houses but didn’t want to evacuate in them.

  • bjlee

    we are located on the mexican side of the border in the city of tecate, baja ca.
    for the past 24 hrs we had been experiencing heavy wind conditions between 25mph to 50mph. During the evening we experienced a power failure from 1:30A.M. UNTIL 8:00A.M. We live on the free road going east from the city of tecate toward mexicalle about 26 kilometers from the city of tecate. We have been able to observe smoke in the horizon where the Harris fire had been occurring since early Sunday. By the looks of the smoke it appears to be getting larger.

  • Ach, April, hope the winds die down soon. I’ve been checking on Laguna Beach, where an old friend of mine from college lives (she’s on the beach side of the highway, so not in the hills).

  • Sheris White

    Mercury is retrograde 2 degrees of Scorpio, where it was on October 25, 2003, when the Cedar Creek fire storm began.

    I don’t think we have learned much in the last 4 years. More and more development in the county. Not enough men and equipment. Too much vegetation around houses. Homes with wood shake roofs that should be replaced.
    Actually the drought has kept the vegetation down. If we had normal rainfall the fire would be worse.

  • p&pp

    Wow, my thoughts are with you. This is a really serious one! I’m from San Diego and just heard from someone down there. They’re even starting to evacuate the coast! Only 3 inches of rain this year. Please keep us posted!

  • I am keeping you and your family in my prayers.

  • subliminelle

    RE*Sharis: Mercury is retrograde 2 degrees of Scorpio, where it was on October 25, 2003, when the Cedar Creek fire storm began.

    I live in downtown San Diego. Completely surrounded by fire and completely consumed by thoughts about the retrograde and its effects on the fire. Didnt know it was the same for 2003 fires. WOW. The winds are responsible for the fires stength, Mercury, air sign, has crossed communications and cooperations. Transportation, evacuation, its all there in the retrograde. There is truly a connection. Please stay safe, close your windows, and wait it out. Peace.

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