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Episode 88 | Cancer New Moon: Cash-ing In!

088 | Cancer New Moon: Cash-ing In!

April and Jen begin a leisurely summer pace while bringing you double-your-lunar-pleasure: A Cancer New Moon AND a Libra First Quarter Moon! (Two great Moonwatches, same great price!) Also, Venus stirs up the monumental Saturn/Uranus spat before joining up with roaring Mars; Mercury challenges Neptune for the third (and final!) time, then dives into family-centered Cancer; and the Sun makes friends with eccentric Uranus and escapist Neptune before staring down powerhouse Pluto. Plus: the music of 1988, the way-back machine (finally!) makes another appearance, and fellowship always!

Podpals: Please note that we are releasing episodes every two weeks for the summer! The next episode will drop on July 19!

But if you find you’re missing us, let us know by leaving a comment below! Or tell us your favorite songs from 1988, won’t you?

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00:30 – Your intrepid co-hosts are enjoying a more leisurely podcast pace this summer! We’ll be releasing episodes every two weeks! If you’d like weekly updates, sign up for April’s fabulous newsletter!

02:31 – April and Jen are rocking out to songs from 1988 this week! April loves the singer Marti Jones and her tune “Tourist Town.” Her runner-up is (Jen’s first choice!) “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman! With “Fast Car” safely in the mix, Jen chooses Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” (is that the way-back machine we hear off in the distance?), and Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work.” !. We also post our episodes !

08:53 – Mercury is fuzzy-headed! The planet of communication – at 23.10 Gemini – squares Neptune in Pisces for the third time (July 6). (To hear more, revisit & )

09:50 – Mercury enters family-focused, sensitive Cancer (July 11–27).

10:52 – Is Mercury at a disadvantage in water signs?

11:39 – Venus gets busy! First, the planet of relationships/value opposes Saturn at 12.01 Leo/Aquarius (July 6) on the Sabian symbol, “An old sea captain rocking.” Next, she squares Uranus at 14.04 Taurus (July 8). Finally, she joins up with Mars at 19.48 Leo (July 13). April breaks it all down for us, as Venus triggers the ongoing Saturn/Uranus square which is the signature theme of 2021!

16:44 – **MOONWATCH ** This week brings a heckuva New Moon at 18.01 Cancer (July 9)! This chart has the Sun/Moon opposed Pluto, trine Neptune, and sextile Uranus.

17:49 – An opportunity to take a new approach: The Sun in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus (July 5). (To hear more about sextiles,

19:05 – The Sun trines Neptune in Pisces (July 15), which lends itself to pleasant, gentle escapism. Ted Lasso, anyone?

20:36 – This New Moon begins a Lunar Phase family that unfolds over the next 2.5 years! Checkpoints will be in April 2022, Jan. 2023, and Oct. 2023! It also begins a 4-week and 6-month cycle.

22:15 – Our second lunation is an intense First Quarter Moon (FQM) at 25.03 Libra (July 17)! This FQM brings us back to Oct. 2020 (and ).

23:17 – The Sun opposes Pluto in Capricorn, a half hour after the FQM (July 17). Cue the marching band: This FQM chart features a T-square – your escape hatch is in bold Aries!

27:07 – Thanks for listening! Be sure to follow, rate and review, and tell a friend! Big thanks to donors TAMMY VAN ULZEN, SUSAN HUBBARD, and JANE SHANTZ! If you like the show, you can always contribute by clicking on the picture below. And if you donate $5 or more, we’ll send you our recent Cancer Solstice episode. We’ll see you in two weeks!

7 comments to " Episode 88 | Cancer New Moon: Cash-ing In! "

  • DebK

    Dam this Cancer Moon. Seriously. Hold all this mess back! This Cap is not a fan of this emotion!

    First, getting my BSA fix every other week *may* cause some withdrawal symptoms…however…I would accept monthly as long as you all are getting the rest & family time you certainly deserve and we get to keep you! 😉

    Loving the ’80s thing! I’d like to go back & comment my tunes on each year so far, if that’s acceptable!

    I discovered y’all last year in the midst of a cap stellium, full moon eclipse on my birthday, Saturn/Pluto conjunction, *&* all in my Emerald year! What could be better?!
    Well, at least the pod’s great! 😒
    Plus, I found my ‘mental musing’ clones! (shh, don’t tell anyone, but Jen’s also my *ahem* girl crush! ☺️)

    Jen’s songs were like a family reunion for me. One by Kate Bush…I had to LOL as that’s also my daughter’s name!
    (April did her ‘MoonShadow Report’ – highly recommend that to everyone! SOOO worth it!)
    Then came Johnny Cash.
    My grandboy’s name is Cash Edward – after Johnny, of course & also my dad, who adored him as well.
    Hearing Jen’s dad singing away at “Ring of Fire,” also my dad’s fave, opened the veritable Cancer moon energy floodgates.
    Just when I’d made it through another Gemini season without a breakdown! Losing my dad has been the toughest loss.
    Anyway, it prompted me to write this encyclopedic comment! I’ll work on pithiness!

    THANK YOU a million times over for what you do! Big hugs! Big love!

    ’88 Faves:
    “Wishing Well” by Sananda Maitreya (formerly Terence Trent D’Arby)
    “What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy)” by Information Society

    • April

      Happily, we’ll be with you twice a month over the summer, Deb! Thanks for sharing your favs, I remember “Wishing Well” and the other tune sounded familiar when I gave it a quick YouTube listen!

      Warm sympathies for the loss of your father. We think such losses get easier with practice, but it seems the opposite is true. Cash Edward is a kick-ass name and a fitting tribute.

      Thanks for listening and for sharing. And I totally remember your daughter’s order – that’s a name that catches attention! xoxo April

  • I thought you’d like to know that Ring of Fire was written by June Carter Cash.

    • April

      I remember reading that, Annie! She was a cool lady. And whoever thought of adding mariachis hit the jackpot!

  • Amel

    1988 Tracy Chapman “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution”. I grew up in Northern Africa and we were having a real revolution (civil insurrection). Sadly it didn’t end up as we hoped for (it started a terrorist war few years later).. Anyway, in 1988 I was 9 ans and I spent each week-end protesting in the streets with my older cousins.. We were so hopeful and naïve.. One of my best childhood memories. Thank you for bringing me back to that time. I didn’t think about it in years..

    • Amel

      Btw.. I commented before listening to your podcast and now that I did, I have to say how much I enjoy it ! It’s only my 2nd episode but I’m already hooked. Enjoy your time off !

      • Jen Braun

        Thanks for sharing your touching story, Amel – that’s also a great Tracy Chapman song. And thanks for listening! 💕💕

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