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Episode 237 | Gemini New Moon: Overheard at the Cafeteria!

Episode 237 | Gemini New Moon: Overheard at the Cafeteria!

This week, Mercury enters its home sign, Gemini, supervises an extremely Gemini-heavy New Moon, and makes aspects to “sky’s the limit” Jupiter and down-and-dirty Pluto. Fortunately, Mars’ entry into methodical Taurus, and the Sun and Venus’ conjunctions with Saturn, should apply the brakes and help with focus and concentration. And April answers a listener question about what to expect from a New Moon in the solar return chart. Plus: Sleuthing, confetti, and a backup in the print queue!

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[1:09] Mercury enters Gemini (June 3, 12:36 am PDT) through June 17. Being in its own sign puts Mercury into overdrive! Expect to be busy.

[2:33] Mercury trines Pluto (June 3, 11:12 pm PDT), bringing depth and intensity to Mercury in Gemini. Look beneath the surface and determine motivations. Tackle projects requiring troubleshooting.

[4:26] Mercury bounces back from its trine to Pluto with a conjunction to “sky’s the limit” Jupiter (June 4, 3:23 am PDT). Enjoy the positivity and optimism!

[6:06] Sun conjoins Venus (June 4, 8:33 am PDT), on the Sabian symbol 15 Gemini, Two Dutch children talking. Spend time with the people who speak your language, and tell the people you care about just how much you care.

[8:23] Moon Report! The Gemini New Moon (June 6, 5:38 am PDT) is at 16º17’ Gemini, on the Sabian symbol 17 Gemini, The head of a robust youth changes into that of a mature thinker. This New Moon chart is heavy with Gemini planets, and several of them make exact square aspects to Saturn. This can be frustrating, but only because we’re being forced to slow down and think about things, becoming “a mature thinker.”

[10:25] This New Moon initiates a lunar phase family cycle (LPFC) that reaches its First Quarter action point on March 6, 2025, Full Moon awareness point on Dec. 4, 2025, and Last Quarter Moon action point on Sep. 4, 2026. We’ll all be thinking a little more “maturely” by then.

[11:53] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon periods. Neptune at the very last degree of its sign means this week’s VOC periods all begin with aspects to Neptune. Confusion is possible, but so are imagination, healing, and releasing.

[12:28] On June 5 (1:09 am PDT), the Moon in Taurus sextiles Neptune and is VOC for 27 minutes before entering Gemini (1:36 am). Blend practicality with imagination.

[13:36] On June 7 (5:16 am PDT), the Moon in Gemini squares Neptune (5:16 am PDT). It’s VOC for 25 minutes, then enters Cancer (5:41 am). Choose sensitivity over wit in your communications.

[14:32] On June 9 (12:05 pm PDT), the Moon in Cancer trines Neptune, is VOC for 24 minutes, then enters Leo (12:29 pm). Show and share how much you care for the people in your life.

[15:54] Venus (June 8, 1:25 am PDT) and the Sun (June 9, 3:36 am PDT) square Saturn on the Sabian symbols 20 Gemini, A cafeteria, and 20 Pisces, A table set for an evening meal. Both squares show the tension between Gemini’s desire to keep moving and Pisces’ desire to spend quality time. Venus square Saturn may cause tension in relationships, and the Sun with Saturn can be physically draining.

[19:10] Mars enters Taurus (June 8, 9:35 pm PDT) through July 20, putting on the brakes after Mars’ fast-paced journey through Aries (since April 30). Mars in Taurus teaches patience and perseverance, and has a long fuse but is scary when it loses its temper.

[21:20] Listener “New Moona” has a question about Solar Returns, and specifically those that feature a New Moon. You can order your own Solar Return report, with text by Mary Shea, at the Big Sky Astrology website.

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