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Episode 221 | Peak Aquarius: Venus and Mars join the Glitterati!

Episode 221 | Peak Aquarius: Venus and Mars join the Glitterati!

This week, we enter peak Aquarius as Venus and Mars join the Sun, Mercury and Pluto in that sign and immediately run into trouble with Pluto. A feisty Taurus First Quarter Moon encourages connection over comfort, Mercury and Uranus invite us to tell a new story about ourselves, we sink gratefully into the rest and repose of the Sun’s Pisces season, and a listener asks how to figure out which house of the chart her Moon is really in. Plus: Hamsters, charisma, and the zeitgeist.

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[1:23] Mars enters Aquarius on Feb. 12 (10:05 pm PST, through March 22). Take your work, which is ruled by Mars, in a new direction. Speak up about your convictions.

[3:44] Mars conjoins Pluto at 00º46’ Aquarius (Feb. 13, 10:06 pm PST) on the Sabian symbol, An old adobe mission. Our most radical impulses are fired up, and we have to resist trying to impose our opinions onto others. Work out that excess energy with exercise!

[0:0] Moon Report! The First Quarter Moon in Taurus is on Feb. 16 (7:01 am PST) at 27º25’ Taurus and Aquarius, on the Sabian symbol A woman pursued by mature romance. Overcome the desire for comfort in order to take advantage of exciting opportunities.

[6:12] This is the First Quarter Moon in a Lunar Phase Family Cycle (LPFC) that began at the May 19, 2023 New Moon at 28º25’ Taurus, on the Sabian symbol Two cobblers working at a table. Reach out, collaborate, or just connect with others who do the same things you do. The Full Moon in this LPFC is on Nov. 15, 2024; the Last Quarter, on Aug. 15, 2025.

[9:31] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon Periods. On Feb. 12 (4:31 am PST), the Moon in Pisces sextiles Mars in Capricorn, is VOC for just about one hour, then enters Aries (5:26 am PST). There’s an opportunity to put your imagination to work and to make dreams a reality.

[10:41] On Feb. 14 (2:20 am PST), Valentine’s Day, the Moon in Aries squares Venus in Capricorn. It’s then VOC for just under 5 hours before entering Taurus (7:02 am PST). Examine relationship patterns where a tendency to be rash, impulsive, and maybe quarrelsome, conflict with having a serious and stable relationship.

[11:11] On Feb. 16 (7:01 am PST), the Moon in Taurus squares the Sun in Aquarius. It’s VOC for about 4 ½ hours and then enters Gemini (11:39 am PST). Review how your need for security and stability may be holding you back from creating a future that you would like to see for yourself.

[11:48] The Moon in Gemini trines the Sun in Aquarius on Feb. 18 (7:21 pm PST), VOC for only four minutes before it enters Cancer (7:25 pm PST). Make an intention to stay flexible and open-minded.

[12:44] Venus enters Aquarius (Feb. 16, 8:05 am PST, through March 11, 2024). This begins a kind of super Aquarius period (through Feb. 18) when five planets (!!!) are in Aquarius. While Venus is in Aquarius, put extra resources behind your artistic gifts and humanitarian values and see if you can bring the two together. Stand out and be noticed!

[14:58] Mercury squares Uranus at 19º16’ Aquarius-Taurus (Feb. 16, 7:52 pm PST). These are the same degrees as the Sun’s square to Uranus last week. While Mercury is square Uranus, here’s the opportunity to tell a different story about the changes we want to see for ourselves.

[16:45] Venus conjoins Pluto (Feb. 17, 12:48 am PST) at 00º51’ Aquarius. This brings tremendous pressure in relationships and finances. Declutter but make absolutely sure that you do not need the things that you are getting rid of.

[18:58] The Sun enters Pisces (Feb. 18, 8:13 pm PST, through March 19). Rest and heal physically, emotionally and spiritually to prepare for an Aries equinox burst of energy.

[21:37] Listener Amanda O asks about how to reconcile conflicting information about which house of the chart a planet is in. Check out Episodes 129, Episode 208 and this video for more information about how house systems affect your chart.

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