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Episode 209 | Sun and Mars Enter Sagittarius: Gratitude with Attitude!

Episode 209 | Sun & Mars Enter Sagittarius: Gratitude with Attitude!  

This week: The Sun and Mars leave Scorpio’s deep waters, taking flight in the wide-open, friendly skies of sassy Sagittarius. The Aquarius First Quarter Moon chops down some firewood and welcomes us home to our own domain in time for Thanksgiving dinner. And April serves up a side dish of listener question followups about birth times and Daylight Saving Time. Plus: Undercover squirrels, lumberjack fairies, and the bounty that we enjoy. Bon appétit!

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[1:09] Moon Report! The First Quarter Moon at 27°50’ Aquarius on Nov. 20 (2:50 am PST) is on Sabian symbol, 28 Aquarius, A tree felled and sawed, and the Sun is on 28 Scorpio, King of the fairies approaching his domain. If we destroy something, we should honor it by making use of what’s left over.

[4:45] This is the First Quarter Moon in a Lunar Phase Family Cycle (LPFC) that began at the Feb. 19, 2023 New Moon at 01°22’ Pisces. All of the other lunations in this LPFC are at the end of Aquarius. The Full Moon in this LPFC is on Aug. 19, 2024, and the Last Quarter’s on May 20, 2025.

[6:52] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon Periods. The Moon squares the Sun at 27°50’ Aquarius and Scorpio on Nov. 20 (2:50 am PST) and will be VOC for about 3 ½ hours before entering Pisces (6:29 am PST). Have we been letting the group distract us from our personal priorities?

[8:16] On Nov. 22 (7:10 am PST), the Moon in Pisces trines Mars in Scorpio. It’s VOC for about two hours and then enters Aries (9:19 am PST). Are we using our intuition fully to propel us in the direction that feels right?

[9:51] On Nov. 24, the Moon in Aries squares Pluto (9:40 am PST). It’s VOC for just under three hours, then enters Taurus (12:29 pm PST). We must summon courage to do what we want to do in the face of pressure from powerful people or forces.

[11:37] The Moon in Taurus trines Pluto on Nov. 26 (1:52 pm PST). It’s VOC for just under three hours, then enters Gemini (4:40 pm PST). Develop patience and wait for the right moments to act.

[12:53] On Nov. 20, the Sun sextiles Pluto (1:26 pm PST) at 28°17’ Scorpio-Capricorn. This convivial sextile combination suggests opportunities to pursue what you strongly feel is right for you and connections to powerful influences that will help. The Sun is on the Sabian symbol, 29 Scorpio, An Indian woman pleading to her chief for the lives of her children.

And the next day, Mars sextiles Pluto, on Nov. 21 (5:18 pm PST) at essentially the same degrees – 28°18’ Scorpio-Capricorn. As we beseech powerful forces to grant our wishes, our actions must be based not on what those in power want to hear, but rather on our instincts and conviction.

[16:03] The Sun enters Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius on Nov. 22 (6:03 am PST), where it remains until it enters Capricorn at the Dec. 21 Solstice. The Sun symbolizes the seasons of the year, and symbolizes what lights us up and makes us feel alive. During the Sagittarius season, these are things like travel and celebration, holiday traditions, being outdoors. Celebrate those thanksful Jupiterian Sag vibes on Thanksgiving Day.

[17:45] The Sun squares Saturn on Nov. 23 (1:47 am PST) at 00°49’ Sagittarius-Pisces. In the U.S., this Thanksgiving emphasizes tradition and ritual because of this square to Saturn.

[19:36] Mars enters Sagittarius on Nov. 24 (2:15 am PST), and will be in this sign until it enters Capricorn on Jan. 4, 2024. Mars symbolizes what we fight for and how we fight. When it’s in Sagittarius, we fight for – and argue about – our beliefs.

[20:37] Mars squares Saturn on Nov. 25 (8:57 am PST) at 00°54’ Sagittarius-Pisces. Its message is about perseverance, and it can feel there are blocks in the way.

[22:00] Mercury sextiles the Moon’s North Node (Nov. 26, 7:48 pm PST) at 24°22’ Sagittarius-Aries. Do a little brainstorming and pick out one or two ideas that are really new and that can take you in a different direction.

[23:28] In a followup to a recent listener question, Listeners Elena and Susan ask about how Daylight Savings Time affects a birth chart.

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