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Episode 198 | Podathon Day Five: A Nice (Venus) Day for a Podathon Finale!

 Episode 198 | Podathon Day Five: A Nice (Venus) Day for a Podathon Finale!

It’s the fifth and FINAL day of the Fourth Annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon, and it ends on a Sun/Jupiter trine and a lovely, Venus-ruled day! Act naturally, beautify your environment,, and let good things come your way. The Cancer Moon hits some choppy waters as we look ahead to next week’s New Moon; in the Days of the Week segment, April takes a look at traditions related to Friday, Saturday and Sunday; Listeners Lori and Teresa send their regards; plus, all the news of Podathon, including how to make your donation, receive special gifts, and be enrolled in a drawing for one of five fabulous prizes!

Thanks for listening this week – and be sure to make your donation by Sep. 11 to be entered in a drawing for a chance to win “prizes, people – so many prizes!”

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[0:38] It’s the 4th Annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon, with five daily episodes, all the week’s planetary news, some special podathon segments, and a chance to win prizes!

[2:00] Donate $25 or more to be entered into the drawing!  One grand prize winner will win a 90-minute reading with April. One lucky listener will win a 60-minute reading with April. Another lucky donor will win a free enrollment into one of April’s upcoming classes. And two lucky winners will win a personalized copy of April’s “Followed by a Moonshadow” eclipse report. Ongoing monthly donors are also entered!

[3:21] Can’t contribute $25 or more? That’s ok!  Donate $10 or more to gain access to April’s special episodes for the Equinoxes and Solstices. 🙂

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[5:20] Greetings from Listener Lori!

[5:46] Today (4:12 AM PDT), the Sun trines Jupiter at 15º33’ Virgo and Taurus. Simple tasks and being our natural selves are the road to satisfaction and reward!

[7:48] Moon Report! The Moon is in its sign of rulership, Cancer and trines Saturn (3:43 AM PDT) at 2°55’ Cancer-Pisces.  Emotions could get choppy this afternoon (1:33 PM PDT) when the Moon squares Mars at 7°56’ Cancer-Libra.

[9:25] The Cancer Moon will be Void-of-Course (VOC) for almost four hours on Sunday, September 10th, between its opposition to Pluto (5:47 AM PDT) and when it enters Leo (9:36 AM PDT). Unresolved feelings and hurts, and even regrets might rise to the surface.

[10:11] Greetings from Listener Teresa!

[10:35] Days of the Week: Friday (love), Saturday (work), and Sunday (rest).

[10:55] Friday is Venus’ Day. Friday is named for Freya, the Norse goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and sex. Traditional homemakers made Friday the day that they cleaned their homes, but it’s a fine day for romance, too!

[12:30] Saturday is Saturn’s day. Any kind of hard physical labor is compatible with Saturn’s energy. The traditional homemaker baked on Saturday so that fresh bread would be available for Sunday, the Sabbath.

[13:41] Sunday is the Sun’s Day. This was the traditional day of rest, set aside for relaxation, recreation, and worship, all ruled by the Sun.

[14:52] And that’s a wrap for the The Fourth Annual Podcast! Thanks for listening in all week long! Make your donation at Make a donation of $25 or more no later than midnight on Sep. 11 to be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a reading, report, or course! And join April again next Monday for Episode 199!

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