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Episode 195 | Podathon Day Two: Pumping Iron with Mars!

Episode 195 | Podathon Day Two:  Pumping Iron with Mars!

It’s the Fourth Annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon, with new episodes every Labor Day Weekday! In today’s look at the planetary rulerships of the days of the week, April runs down the best activities and wardrobe for Tuesday, Mars’ Day. Today’s Moon segues from languid Taurus to busy Gemini, with a void-of-course Moon and a sober aspect to Saturn along the way. April digs into the meaning of the Void-of-Course Moon, including what to look out for and how to use these periods. Plus, greetings from Listener Stephanie and all the news of Podathon, including how to make your donation, receive special gifts, and be enrolled in a drawing for one of five fabulous prizes! And don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for Day Three!

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[0:37] It’s the 4th Annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon, with five daily episodes, all the week’s planetary news, some special podathon segments, and a chance to win prizes!

[2:36] Donate $25 or more to be entered into the drawing!  One grand prize winner will win a 90-minute reading with April (a $269 value). One lucky listener will win a 60-minute reading with April (a $210 value). Another lucky donor will win a free enrollment into one of April’s upcoming classes ($249 value). Last but not least, two lucky winners will win a personalized copy of April’s “Followed by a Moonshadow” eclipse report. Ongoing monthly donors are also entered!

[3:48] Can’t contribute $25 or more? That’s ok!  Donate $10 or more to gain access to April’s special episodes for the Equinoxes and Solstices. 🙂

[4:14] And if you can’t contribute financially, here are some free ways to help the show! Please subscribe or follow Big Sky Astrology Podcast on your app of choice. Enthusiastic ratings and reviews are welcome. And please share the show with your astrology loving friends.

[5:28] Today is Tuesday, and that is Mars’ Day. Mars-ruled Tuesday was set aside for ironing in the traditional home because Mars has an affinity for heat and metal.  Assertiveness, confrontation, using sharp tools, exercise and wearing red and/or diamonds are all ways to celebrate the red, warrior planet, Mars.

[7:37] Greetings from Listener Stephanie!

[8:26] Moon Report!  The Moon is in Taurus on Tuesday morning and makes a trine aspect to Pluto at 28°10’ Capricorn (9:45 AM PDT) before going Void-of-Course for 3 ¼  hours before it enters Gemini (1:06 PM PDT). Appreciate the power and privilege that come with having the necessities of life covered.

[9:45] The Moon squares Saturn at 03°06’ of Gemini-Pisces (6:49 PM PDT), another reminder of how truly fortunate you are.

[10:23] A look at the Void-of-Course Moon. It’s a period of varying length between the Moon’s last major aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition) to other planets and until it changes signs. The Nodes, Chiron, asteroids and angles are not included.

[12:28] Some say that if you initiate something on a VOC Moon, nothing would come of the matter. Don’t believe it! April met her hubby on a VOC Moon and their marriage is 30 years strong.

[14:01] Darrell Martinie, the Cosmic Muffin, favored a VOC Moon for breaking habits and letting things go.

[15:24] And that’s a wrap for the second day of the Fourth Annual Podcast! Make your donation at, and join April again tomorrow morning for another episode!

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