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Episode 194 | Podathon Day One: An Easy-Going Labor Day Moonday!

It’s the Fourth Annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon! Today’s Moon is in easy-going Taurus, and Mercury makes a helpful aspect to Jupiter just before it turns retrograde. In this week’s Days of the Week segment, April outlines best practices for Monday, the Moon’s Day. Plus, greetings from Listener Ann, and all the news of Podathon, including how to make your donation, receive special gifts, and be enrolled in a drawing for one of five fabulous prizes!

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[0:40] It’s the 4th Annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon, with five daily episodes, all the week’s planetary news, some special podathon segments, and a chance to win prizes!

[3:18] Donate $25 or more to be entered into the drawing! One grand prize winner will win a 90-minute reading with April (a $269 value). One lucky listener will win a 60-minute reading with April (a $210 value). Another lucky donor will win a free enrollment into one of April’s upcoming classes ($249 value). Last but not least, two lucky winners will win a personalized copy of April’s “Followed by a Moonshadow” eclipse report. Ongoing monthly donors are also entered!

[4:37] Can’t contribute $25 or more? That’s ok! Donate $10 or more to gain access to April’s special episodes for the Equinoxes and Solstices. 🙂

[4:57] And if you can’t contribute financially, here are some free ways to help the show! Please subscribe or follow Big Sky Astrology Podcast on your app of choice. Enthusiastic ratings and reviews are welcome. And please share the show with your astrology loving friends.

[6:12] Mercury trines Jupiter on Sep. 4 (3:29 AM PDT) at 15º34’ Virgo and Taurus. Mercury’s Sabian symbol is 16 Virgo, An Orangutan, and Jupiter is on 16 Taurus, An old man tries in vain to share the mysteries.

[6:50] This is the second of three trines forming between Mercury and Jupiter, beginning with the first on August 9, and the last coming on Sep. 25. Bring your honest, unadorned self to everything that you have to say, write and communicate.

[7:47] A few hours later (7:10 AM PDT), Jupiter stations retrograde at 15º34’ Taurus. It’s retrograde through Dec. 30, when it turns direct at 05º34’ Taurus. This is the degree of the lunar eclipse on October 28, 2023 as well. Look to your own inner guidance on subjects like beliefs, religion, education, travel and adventure.

[9:01] Greetings from Listener Ann!

[9:36] Moon Report! Today’s Moon is in relaxed, indulgent Taurus, one of her favorite signs.

[10:51] The Moon trines the Sun (4:12 AM PDT), squares Venus (5:08 AM PDT), and then aspects today’s Mercury-Jupiter configuration: trine Mercury (10:35 AM PDT) and conjoined Jupiter (11:05 AM PDT).

[11:46] When the Moon is in hard aspect with the planet that rules its sign, such as today’s Taurus Moon square Venus in Leo, it gives a little bit of a mixed message. Complications could interrupt the day’s flow of events.

[12:39] The Moon’s aspects to today’s Mercury/Jupiter trine suggests an excellent time for receiving cooperation, collaboration and sharing information.

[14:05] Monday is the Moon’s Day. Did you know that, traditionally, Monday was the day for laundry? The Moon is also connected to food and nurturing others.

[15:45] And that’s a wrap for Day One of The Fourth Annual Podcast! Make your donation at, and join April again tomorrow morning for another episode!

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  • Amy

    Hi April,

    Love your podcasts and weekly highlights. When I saw your call for donations, I thought, my goodness, of course I want to donate! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom in this way. I don’t know how I’d get through my week without you!

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