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Episode 188 | Pluto Meets the Lunar Nodes: Defending Your Life!

Episode 188 | Pluto Meets the Lunar Nodes: Defending Your Life!

The Scorpio First Quarter Moon encourages taking action on something that began at last October’s Solar Eclipse. Mercury joins Venus to summon voices from the past, connects with the North Node to set an agenda for the coming 18 months, and enters Virgo for a longer-than-normal stay. Pluto squares the Lunar Nodes for the first time since 2015, on the degree of last spring’s Aries Solar Eclipse. And April answers a listener question about Lunar Node returns, throwing in the oppositions for good measure. Plus: A haircut, pocket-dialing, and defending your life!

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[1:12] Moon Report! The Scorpio First Quarter Moon (July 25, 3:07 PM PDT, 02º43’ Scorpio-Leo) is on the Sabian symbol 3 Scorpio, A house raising, with the Sun on 3 Leo, Woman having her hair bobbed.

[2:03] The Scorpio First Quarter Moon is ruled by Mars, currently in Virgo. So that symbol of the “house raising” is a good example of taking practical action, especially toward things that will last.

[3:11] This is the First Quarter in a Lunar Phase Family cycle that began with a New Moon/Solar Eclipse on October 25, 2022 at 2º Scorpio. Other important dates in this cycle are April 23, 2024 (Full Moon) and Jan. 21, 2025 (Last Quarter).

[5:52] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon Periods. On July 25, the Moon in Libra squares Pluto (8:05 AM PDT). It’s VOC for an hour and 50 minutes before it enters Scorpio (9:55 AM PDT). A perfect time for changing emotional habits around relationships.

[6:29] The Moon in Scorpio sextiles Pluto on July 27th (3:36 PM PDT). It is VOC for one hour and 48 minutes before it enters Sagittarius (5:24 PM PDT). Look for an opportunity to clear the air emotionally.

[7:42] On July 29, the Moon in Sagittarius trines Venus in Leo (4:51 PM PDT). It’s VOC for just under four hours, and then enters Capricorn (8:44 PM PDT). Notice and appreciate the little things that bring you pleasure!

[9:05] Mercury conjoins Venus at 28º11’ Leo on July 27 (8:16 AM PDT). Get in touch with someone from your past.

[11:10] Mercury trines the Moon’s North Node on July 27 (9:47 PM PDT) at 29°00’ Aries-Leo. Consider how to use your talents, charisma, and leadership skills to achieve long-term goals.

[12:32] Pluto squares the Lunar Nodes at 28°58’ Capricorn-Aries on July 28 (11:34 AM PDT). This is the last of three Pluto squares to the Nodes (July 22 and 25 were the others).  Pluto squares the North Node at the degree of April 30’s Solar Eclipse, 29º50’ Aries. Challenges from an important relationship could bring pressure to move forward on our own and in our own direction.

[15:38] On July 28 (2:31 PM PDT) Mercury enters one of its domiciles, Virgo. It’ll spend more time than usual here (through Oct. 4) because Mercury is retrograde in Virgo from Aug. 23-Sep. 15.

[16:59] Virgo speaks to that dimension of Mercury related to how we master the physical world with skills and tools. And Mercury in this sign excels at analyzing information.

[18:38] Arrange your schedule in such a way that you have a little bit more time for the slow, methodical work of Virgo. And make sure to back up your computer and phone!

[19:41] April replies to Listener Hallie’s question about Lunar Node returns. (Movie: Defending Your Life)

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