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Episode 185 | Capricorn Full Moon, and Mercury Outside the Box!

This week, the Capricorn Full Moon grooves to the deliberate pace of Jupiter in Taurus; Mercury’s connections with Uranus and Neptune emphasize brilliant thinking and imaginative, lyrical self-expression; and April answers a listener question about how long a transiting planet influences your birth chart. Plus: An offer from Pluto that is difficult, but not impossible, to refuse; waiting for your ship to come in; and Mercury is out-of-bounds (and outside the box)!

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[1:14] Moon Report! A Full Moon in Capricorn (July 3, 4:39 AM PDT) emphasizes Capricorn and Cancer and marks the midway point of the current Gemini New Moon cycle, as well as the halfway point of the year.

[3:26] This Full Moon answers the “call” of the Dec. 23, 2022 Capricorn New Moon, which squared Jupiter in Aries and was packed with ambition and enthusiasm. This Full Moon, trine Jupiter in Taurus, is a lot more relaxed.  How can we actually tackle the intentions we made at that Capricorn New Moon?

[5:10] This is the Full Moon in a Lunar Phase Family Cycle that began at the January 2, 2022 New Moon (12º20’ Capricorn). Other important dates in this cycle are Oct. 2, 2022 (First Quarter) and Apr. 1, 2024 (Last Quarter).

[6:23] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon periods. The Capricorn Moon conjoins Pluto on July 4 (9:45 AM PDT). It’s VOC for about 45 minutes before entering Aquarius (10:30 AM PDT).  If you’re in the United States and have to work on the 4th of July holiday, see if you can’t get that work done in the morning. Enjoy the rest of the day, after the Moon enters Aquarius, having fun celebrating with people close to you.

[8:47] On July 6th (6:42 AM PDT), the Moon in Aquarius opposes Mars in Leo, then is VOC for about 3 ¼ hours before entering Pisces (10:32 AM PDT). Watch out for heated online discussions about friends, the future and technology.

[10:17] The Moon in Pisces sextiles Pluto on July 8th (11:22 AM PDT). It’s VOC for just under one hour before entering Aries (12:19 PM PDT). Will you accept an invitation to step into powerful emotions and a more powerful role?

[11:30] This is Mercury’s week! In Episode 184, we learned that transiting Mercury is out-of-bounds through July 7th. Think and communicate outside the box but be mindful of others’ feelings.

[12:42] On July 6 (9:54 PM PDT), Mercury sextiles Uranus at 21º57’ Cancer and Taurus. Mercury’s Sabian symbol is 22 Cancer, Woman awaiting a sailboat. Uranus is on 22 Taurus, White dove over troubled waters.  Do a little bit of brainstorming to tackle a creative, work or home project.  Brilliant ideas could arise!

[15:25] On July 9 (4:57 PM PDT), Mercury trines Neptune at 27º39’ Cancer and Pisces. Neptune is on the Sabian symbol 28 Pisces, A fertile garden under a Full Moon.  Mercury is at 28 Cancer, A modern Pocahontas.  Head down to the beach with your musical instrument of choice and woo someone special under the bright, sparkling stars.

[18:20] Listener Kyle asks how long a transiting planet has influence over your birth chart. It depends, but April offers some rules of thumb!

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