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Episode 182 | Gemini New Moon: The Sleepwalker Awakens!

This week: A Gemini New Moon with a heavy dash of Neptune awakens us from sleepwalking. Mercury aspects Saturn, which adds perseverance to mental agility. Saturn turns retrograde, sending us inward for authority and guidance. And April answers a Listener Question about what to do when someone judges you based on your Sun sign (how rude!). Plus: Toe-nibbling crabs, walking it like we talk it, and seriously: signs are not people!

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[1:03] Mercury squares Saturn (June 15, 9:09 AM PDT) at 07°12’ Gemini and Pisces. The Sabian symbol for Mercury is 8 Gemini, An industrial strike, and Saturn is on 8 Pisces, A girl blowing a bugle.  Wake up, and apply Saturn’s stick-to-itiveness to intellectual projects.

[3:15] Mercury sextiles Venus (June 17, 8:29 AM PDT) at 10°49’ Gemini and Leo. The Sabian symbol for Venus is 11 Leo, Children on a swing in a huge oak tree, and Mercury is on 11 Gemini, A new path of realism in experience. This is a wonderful aspect to take advantage of opportunities for expressing yourself through writing or maybe through your very own podcast!

[4:56] Saturn stations to turn retrograde (June 17, 10:27 AM PDT) at 07°12’ Pisces, on the Sabian symbol, 8 Pisces, A girl blowing a bugle. Look inward for a sense of authority, and revisit themes from March 7 – June 17, 2023. Saturn will turn direct on November 4th at 00°30’ Pisces.

[7:19] Moon Report!  The Gemini New Moon (June 17, 9:37 PM PDT) is at 26°43’ Gemini. The chart of this New Moon features the Sun and Moon square Neptune in Pisces while Venus and Mars in Leo approach squares to Uranus in Taurus.

[8:27] The Sun squares Neptune at 27°39’ of Gemini and Pisces on June 18 (8:54 PM PDT). The Sabian symbol for the Sun is A man declared bankrupt. When we’ve lost everything, we have many more options available to us and a greater sense of freedom.

[9:32] Need a few ideas of what to put behind your New Moon intentions? Reboot and come up with a fresh way of communicating. Tell a new story about who you are.  Learn a new language, such as astrology. Play outside more!

[10:56] This New Moon begins a new Lunar Phase Family Cycle. The First Quarter Moon in the cycle is on March 16, 2024 at 27°03’ Gemini, the Full Moon is on December 15, 2024 at 20°52’ Gemini, and the Last Quarter Moon comes on September 14, 2025 at 21°52’.

[12:33] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon Periods. On June 13 (11:27 AM PDT), the Moon in Aries squares Pluto at 29°57’ Aries and Capricorn. It’s VOC for only four minutes before it enters Taurus (11:31 AM PDT). This aspect triggers themes from the April 20, 2023 Solar Eclipse at 29°50’ Aries.  Ask, “How can I change my emotional habits so that I’m less impulsive, but also less hidebound by tradition and the way things ‘have to be’ done?”

[14:18] On June 15th (6:36 PM PDT), the Moon in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn.  It’s VOC for just nine minutes before it enters Gemini (6:45 PM PDT). Consider this affirmation:  “Because of the things that I’ve done, I’m in a better, stronger position. I know my own mind a little bit better. I’m in control of my emotions.”

[15:02] On June 17th, the Moon in Gemini squares Neptune (11:24 PM PDT). It’s VOC for four and a half hours before it enters Cancer on June 18 (3:58 AM PDT). Before you hit the hay, make an intention to capture your dreams for later translation.

[17:06] Listener Lady Vuvuzela asks about what to do when someone judges you based on your Sun sign.

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