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Episode 163 | Leo Full Moon: Sunshine After a Storm!

Episode 163 | Leo Full Moon: Sunshine After a Storm!

This Week: The Full Moon in dramatic Leeeeeoooo and the Sun’s square to Uranus urge us to liberate ourselves from stagnant patterns. As Venus squares Mars, it’s time to stop asking for approval and start demanding what is ours. And April answers a listener’s question about the difference between the Sun and the Rising Sign in your birth chart. Plus: A hummingbird, an address in L.A., and dealing with the supermarket clerk.

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[1:17] The Sun squares Uranus on February 3 (6:50 pm PST) at 15°07’ Aquarius and Taurus. This is the final critical point in a Sun-Uranus cycle that began on May 5, 2022 when they conjoined at 14°47’ Taurus. This cycle describes where we’re trying to walk the fine line between having a strong sense of who we are while also being prepared to make changes.

[6:37] On February 4, Venus squares Mars (7:29 PM PST) at 11°14’ of Pisces and Gemini. The Sabian symbol for Venus, 12 Pisces, is An examination of initiates. The Sabian symbol for Mars is 12 Gemini, A slave girl demands her rights of her mistress.

[8:26] Venus and Mars conjoined on February 16, 2022. They squared each other on September 16, 2022 and made an opposition on November 30, 2022. This is the final square of this Venus-Mars cycle, much like the Sun-Uranus configuration on February 3. Will we let others decide our worth or stand up for what we believe we deserve?

[9:55] Moon Report! The Full Moon in Leeeeeeoooooo will occur on February 5 at 10:28 AM PST with the Moon at 15°40’ Leo and the Sun at 15°40 Aquarius. The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon is 16 Leo, Sunshine just after a storm. The Sun’s Sabian symbol is 16 Aquarius, A big-business man at his desk.

[13:12] The Sun in Aquarius and Full Moon in Leo are both square Uranus, forming a T-square configuration. Last week’s First Quarter Moon in Taurus was conjunct Uranus and this week’s Sun is square to Uranus and is approaching Saturn. Tension is plentiful at this time.

[14:56] This is the Full Moon in a Lunar Phase Family that began with a New Moon on August 8, 2021 at 16°14’ Leo. In that New Moon chart, the Sun and Moon were opposed Saturn and square Uranus. It’s time to get out there and begin showing our joyful, creative Uranian selves, but don’t forget those Saturnian boundaries.

[16:47] Void-of-Course Moon periods (VOC). On February 1, the Moon in Gemini makes a trine aspect to Saturn at 3:58 AM PST. It’s VOC for a little over 8 hours (!!!) before it enters Cancer at 12:11 PM. Let your Gemini hummingbird sit still for a minute and think about what is important enough to make permanent.

[18:58] On February 3, the Moon in Cancer makes an opposition to Pluto at 10:19 PM Pacific Time. It’s VOC for just about two and a half hours before it enters Leeeeeoooooo on February 4 at 00:48 AM Pacific Time. Be humble, do some journaling, and don’t take on other people’s stuff.

[21:06] Listener April (really!) asks a question about the difference between the Sun and the Rising Sign of a birth chart. They may seem interchangeable, but they do very different work!

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