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Episode 155 | Pisces First Quarter Moon: One Step at a Time!

Episode 155 | Pisces First Quarter Moon: One Step at a Time!

This week: The Pisces Quarter Moon is on a fast-moving Sabian symbol, but proceed with some caution. Mars revisits a recent trine to Saturn to a review an ongoing project; Mercury makes a choice; Venus and Mars get an unobstructed view of one another; Venus dons her rose-colored glasses just as Neptune stations direct; and April answers a listener’s question about the best location to use in calculating your Solar Return chart. Plus: A gratitude bonanza, swallows returning to Capristrano, and let us be frank!

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[1:20] Moon Report! First up: A First Quarter Moon at 8°21′ Pisces and Sagittarius (Nov. 30, 6:36 am PST). The Sabian symbol for this Quarter Moon in Pisces is A jockey. The Sun is on 9 Sagittarius, A mother and her child on the stairs. This action-oriented First Quarter Moon urges us to move ahead, but you may want to err of the side of caution.

[3:33] This First Quarter Moon is the first action point in the Lunar Phase family that began with the March 2, 2022 New Moon in Pisces. It’s time to take some decisive steps towards that very Piscean dream that was conceived at that New Moon.

[4:16] Void-of-Course Moon periods (VOC) for the week. On Nov. 28 at 10:53 pm PST, the Moon conjoins Saturn at 19°44′ Aquarius. It’s then VOC for 17 hours (!!!) before it enters Pisces on Nov. 29 at 4:15 pm PST. What are we building for the future? How can we learn more discipline or gain more strength to make that goal happen?

[5:35] During the hour and day of Jupiter, the Moon at 28°54′ Pisces conjoins one of its rulers, Jupiter, on Dec. 1 at 6:44 pm PST. The Moon will then be VOC for a very pleasant two hours before entering Aires at 8:41 pm PST. Get ready for a Jupiterian gratitude bonanza!

[6:43] On Dec. 3 at 9:46 pm PST, the 26°51′ Aries Moon squares Pluto (Capricorn 26°51′). The Moon is VOC for just under six hours before it enters Taurus (Dec. 4, 3:38 am PST). Be on the lookout for feelings of frustration, guilt and shame. What are the lessons to be learned from past transgressions?

[8:13] Retrograde Mars (Gemini 19°42′) makes a trine aspect to Saturn (Aquarius 19°42′) on Nov. 28 at 9:56 am PST. This is the second of three trines Mars in Gemini will make to Saturn. The first trine was on September 27 and the third trine in this series will occur on March 30, 2023, just after Mars has slipped into Cancer.

[8:45] The Sabian symbol for Mars is 20 Gemini, A cafeteria. Saturn is on the Sabian symbol 20 Aquarius, A big white dove, a message bearer. This is an excellent time to finish a project we may have started late September so that we can give our all to something new in March 2023.

[9:42] Mercury (19° 18′ Sagittarius) will oppose Mars (19° 18′ Gemini) on Nov. 29 at 12:30 pm PST. A few hours later at 8:18 pm PST, Mercury (19° 47′ Sagittarius) sextiles Saturn (19°47′ Aquarius). For both of these aspects, Mercury is on the Sabian symbol 20 Sagittarius, Men cutting through ice.

[10:13] When Mercury opposes Mars, Mars will still be on that “cafeteria” Sabian symbol (?). Mercury here is helping to cut through the ice, to cut to the chase and choose something.

[10:43] The choice that became evident to us as Mercury was opposed Mars is seen as a choice to take some constructive action when Mercury sextiles Saturn at 8:18 pm PST. We will fine tune all of this in March when Mars is direct and makes its final trine to Saturn.

[11:48] On Nov. 30, Venus (18°47′ Sagittarius) opposes retrograde Mars (18°47′ Gemini) at 9:28 pm PST. This is the midpoint in the Venus-Mars cycle that began back on March 5, 2022 with the conjunction at 0°1′ Aquarius. How are past relationships impacting current ones? How can you take the skills you may have learned from previous work situations and apply them to your current work in order to make things more interesting and possibly more lucrative?

[13:54] Mercury at 22°38′ Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces on Dec. 1 at 5:08 pm PST. Cut through confusion and speak your mind.

[14:55] A few hours later (Dec. 1, 7:09 pm PST), Venus at 19°55′ Sagittarius sextiles Saturn in Aquarius. Key an eye out for an invitation to make something pleasurable into something that lasts.

[16:15] Neptune (Pisces 22°38′) turns direct on Dec. 3 at 4:15 pm PST. Neptune has been retrograde since June 27, 2022. It is turning direct on the intriguing Sabian symbol, 23 Pisces, A materializing medium. It’s time to put on those rose-colored glasses and see people and opportunities in the sweetest light possible.

[18:16] Also on Dec. 3, at 11:12 pm PST, Venus (22°38′ Sagittarius) will square freshly-direct Neptune (22°38′ Pisces). Be aware of disillusionment in relationships and financial matters. This is the final action point in the Venus-Neptune cycle that began with their conjunction on April 27, their opening square on July 13, an opposition on September 24. Mark this big Neptune day on your calendar. Can you see any disconnects from a hopeful perception versus reality?

[19:50] Listener Dena asks: What’s the best location to use to calculate the Solar Return chart?

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