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Episode 141 | Podathon Day #3: Moon Memo! with Celeste Brooks

Episode 141 | Podathon Day #3: Moon Memo! With Celeste Brooks

It’s DAY THREE of the Third Annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon! This week of five daily episodes is your opportunity to support the podcast and be entered for a chance to win exciting prizes! In today’s astrology news: A sociable Moon in Aquarius connects with Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter; it’s a great day for networking without a lot of emotional drama! That said, Mercury is slowing down to turn retrograde on Friday, so don’t expect everything to move in a straight line. Plus, the latest in this week’s Mooncentric episodes features an interview with Celeste Brooks of Astrology by Celeste, who chats with April about the lunar phases and describes how watching the Moon helped her transition from a corporate gig to her own astrology business!

This Labor Day week, September 5th through 9th, we bring you the Third Annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon, with daily episodes, amazing guest astrologers and prizes … so many prizes! Make a note to check your podcast feed every day that week for a brand new Mooncentric episode! Make your donation no later than Mon. Sep. 12, 2022, at 11:59 pm Pacific time  and be entered for a chance to win a reading, course, and other prizes!

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[0:35]  Welcome to DAY THREE (September 7, 2022) of the Third Annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon! This is the week each year when April brings you five daily episodes – complete with FIVE very special guests, prizes and a raffle – and not coincidentally, it’s when she appeals for contributions to keep this show running.

[1:48] Everyone who donates $25 or more, as well as ongoing monthly contributors, will be entered into a drawing to win a 90- or 60-minute reading with April; free registration in one of April’s upcoming courses; or a beautiful astrology poster donated by Patrick Blasa of Tha Elegant Universe! You must make your donation no later than Sep. 12, 2022, at 11:59 pm Pacific time to be entered in the drawing!

[3:19] Donors of only $10 or more will receive access to special episodes for the Equinoxes and Solstices, beginning with the September Equinox episode on September 22nd.

[3:57] Can’t contribute financially! Here are a few easy free ways that you can really help the podcast.

[5:15] Podathon week is a time when we can really give the Moon a little extra attention. The day’s Moon sign describes the tempo and pace of the day.  The Moon can also show our way of coping with things emotionally.

[5:434] Today the Moon is in Aquarius, generally more sociably, cheerful, and less emotionally fraught than some other Moon sign days.

[6:34] At 6:45 am PDT, the Moon in Aquarius makes a sextile to Jupiter in Aries.  So, hit the ground running with a sense of adventure, accept invitations for unexpected sources.

[6:51] The Moon makes a trine to Mercury in Libra at 10:48 am PDT.  This is a great time to have discussions about business or personal relationships, call on social contacts, and focus on problem solving.

[7:28] At 1:13 pm PDT, the Moon makes a trine aspect to Mars in Gemini.  Act on what you have processed intellectually about your feelings, about what’s going on inside of you. The Moon is still in one of its waxing phases, when we feel the freshness of new beginnings.

[8:50] Mercury retrograde is coming up, so things may not go in a staightforward way and plans could change. Nevertheless, it’s a good time to initiate something.

[9:18] An introduction to today’s guest, Celeste Brooks of Astrology by Celeste!

[10:46] The interview begins!  Celeste is the person who introduced April to the Lunar Phase Family Cycle!

[11:42] Celeste begins with a basic refresher of the 28-day cycle of the transiting Moon and its four major phases, beginning with the New Moon.

[12:50] The transiting First Quarter Moon and its “crisis of action,” the illumination of the Full Moon, and the final crisis point, the Last Quarter Moon.

[13:49] The Lunar Phase Family Cycle is a 27-month cycle that was discovered by Dietrech Pessin. Pessin is an astrologer who wrote a great book called “Lunar Shadows III.” She noticed that the monthly lunar cycle was repeating on a larger scale, with critical lunations near the same degree every 9 months.

[15:27] Keep a journal! It’s good to go back and look at these dates.

[16:57] Celeste talks about how she used this Lunar Phase Family Cycle (which began with an eclipse New Moon on her 11th house Venus!) in her transition from her corporate job to becoming a professional astrologer.

[18:02] Celeste suggests that if you meet someone around the New Moon, things are revealed nine months later at the First Quarter Moon mark. If you wait until that 18-month (Full Moon) phase, you’ll begin to see all of the layers of the person.

[19:00] Sign up for April’s newsletter and take advantage of April’s Moon workbooks!  They are great tools for tracking the Lunar Phase Family Cycle.

[19:30] Celeste explains how she tracks the events of her life with lunar cycles. Check out Celeste’s “Moon Memos” on Instagram and TikTok!  Tips for when the Moon is in Fire, Earth, Water, or Air signs.

[23:29] You can find Celeste at Astrology everywhere, including her website,  She is very active on Instagram but can also be found on Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.

[23:55] Celeste offers a Moon Mastery Program, with two six-week classes about all things lunar! Sample her teaching by taking one of her our Moon Mastery webinars.  Check them out on her website! You can also sign up for her newsletter, “Setting Intentions with the Moon.”

[25:26] Celeste is excited about attending the ISAR conference and shares some of the lunar lectures she’ll be attending!

[26:49] Thanks again, Celeste, for coming on the show!

[27:08] That’s a wrap for DAY THREE of The Third Annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon! This weekly podcast is audience-funded and your generous donations help April keep the podcast coming to you. To make your donation, please go to! You must make your donation no later than Sep. 12, 2022, at 11:59 pm Pacific time to be entered in the drawing!

[28:57] Join April again, bright and early tomorrow morning for another episode in this gala Podation celebration! Tomorrow’s guest will be the delightful Margaret Gray, who will be chatting about the Moon and relationships.

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