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Episode 138 | Sagittarius First Quarter: Well, Well (A Deep Subject!)

Episode 138 | Sagittarius First Quarter: Well, Well (A Deep Subject!)

This week in the Big Sky: Mars dips into Gemini’s well to find inspiration for Jupiter’s big adventure, while Mercury provides logistical savvy and accounting skills; Venus enters Virgo to celebrate the beauty of everyday life; and the Sagittarius First Quarter Moon launches the great adventure that Jupiter has been preparing us for! Plus: a trip to the Container Store, cheerful pets, and putting it all on red.

But first, a big announcement! Coming this Labor Day week, September 5th through 9th, we bring you the Third Annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon, with daily episodes, amazing guest astrologers and prizes … so many prizes! Make a note to check your podcast feed every day that week for a brand new Mooncentric episode!

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[0:24] Hear ye, hear ye: The 3rd Annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon is coming your way beginning Sep. 5, with five episodes, interviews with five fabulous astrologers, and a chance to win exciting prizes!

[1:24] Mars (Gemini 6°49′) sextiles Jupiter in Aries on September 1st at 4:52 am PDT. There could be an opportunity that requires you to up your game a little bit, and that will mean dipping into your reserves.

[4:25] On September 2nd at 6:49 pm PDT, Mercury (Libra 6°39′) opposes Jupiter in Aries. Logistical Mercury works with Jupiter in laying down plans for our next great adventure.

[7:02] The Moon Report for the week of August 29th! A Sagittarius (11°13′) First Quarter Moon on September 3rd at 11:08 am PDT is an excellent time for taking a leap of faith towards an action-packed adventure!  But if you find yourself in an exhausted state, take some time to rest or meditate. This First Quarter Moon is the first action point in the Lunar Gestation Cycle that began at the December 3, 2021 New Moon in Sagittarius. Read more about this cycle here!

[12:00] Void-of-Course Moon periods for this week. August 28th, the Moon in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn at 8:08 pm PDT and is void for almost seven hours. Put out a request for some kind of inspiration in your dream life about how you can more effectively change your daily routines, goals, and health.

[13:14] On August 31st, the Moon in Libra squares Pluto at 3:43 am PDT and is void-of-course for about six and a half hours before entering Scorpio at 10:11 am. PDT. Watch out for rocky interactions with others this morning!

[14:22] On September 2nd, the Moon in Scorpio squares Venus (in Leo) at 10:22 am and goes void-of-course for about five and half hours before entering Sagittarius at 3:39 pm PDT. You may come up against some interactions that don’t go that smoothly or leave you feeling not-so- great about yourself.  n the flipside, you could find yourself getting annoyed with someone who is demanding more than their share of attention.

[16:18] The Moon in Sagittarius trines Venus on September 4th at 6:51 pm PDT. The Moon will be void-of-course for 15 minutes before it enters Capricorn at 7:03 pm. Use this whopping 15-minute interlude (ha!) for a relaxing Labor Day weekend gathering!

[18:35] Venus enters Virgo on September 4th at 9:05 pm PDT and will be in this sign through September 29th. Venus in Virgo wants us to take a look at what we already have on hand and see what we can do with it to beautify our life, our surroundings, our environment. Appreciate the little things that bring you joy. Devote some quality time to your pets. Spend time in your garden or take a walk outdoors.

[22:44] Listener Carmine asks about how to use astrologically fortunate days to best advantage. Here’s the blog post mentioned, from Nightlight Astrology, about a gambling success. What April wouldn’t give for a luckier Jupiter! (If you have a burning question about astrology that you’d like for April to answer, leave a voicemail at or send an email to with “Podcast Question” in the subject line.)

[28:35] A Big Sky Astrology shout-out to one of this year’s generous donors. Want to make a donation of your own? Got to, or wait until the Podathon so you can join in on the drawing for several great prizes!


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