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Episode 136 | Mars enters Gemini: Many Months of Multitasking Mastery!

Episode 136 | Mars enters Gemini: Many Months of Multitasking Mastery!

This week: Listener love letters; Mercury struggles to stay on the bucking bronco that is Uranus and wades into Neptune’s waters; and let’s go ahead and enjoy that Venus/Jupiter trine, although our stomachs might not thank us for it. The Taurus Last Quarter Moon exhorts us to take action and gives us a lovely grand trine to help us get things done. And Mars enters an extended stay in Gemini for many months of multitasking mastery! Plus: April answers listener question about how astrology can be helpful and whether it can help us understand our purpose.

Hey friendos! We’re just three weeks away from the third annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon! We’re planning five very special episodes beginning Sep. 5. Watch this space for details!

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[0:35] This week’s headlines, and some delightful reviews from loyal listeners!

[3:37] Mercury makes a trine aspect to Uranus (Aug. 16), an aspect that offers inspiration and flashes of mental clarity.

[5:19] Get ready to go to the fair when Venus makes a trine aspect to Jupiter on August 18th! Enjoy all the fun these two have to offer when they get together – but don’t overdo it with the cotton candy and hotdogs!

[8:02] It’s time for the Mooooooooon Report! How can the very practical Taurus Last Quarter Moon help move us past recent turbulence and toward sunnier skies?

[9:43] This week’s Void-of-Course Moon periods this week, and how to use them to change daily habits and emotional patterns.

[14:10] Mars enters Gemini on August 20th for an unusually long stay, through March 25th 2023. Its retrograde period here (Oct. 30, 2022 – Jan 12, 2023) might slow things down, but it’s a good transit overall for gathering information about potential future projects.

[19:07] On August 21st, Mercury makes an opposition to Neptune. Get the rational mind into balance with your intuition through music, imaginative pursuits, and nonverbal communication.

[21:26] Listener Kellie asks about whether one’s purpose can be found in the birth chart, and in what ways astrology can be useful?

[25:28] Got a question you’d like answered on a future episode? Here’s how to send it to April!

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