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Episode 132 | Leo Season: Everybody Makes Their Own Fun!

Episode 132 | Leo Season: Everybody Makes Their Own Fun!

This week: Mercury and the Sun face off with Pluto before entering glorious LEO, where everybody makes their own fun (if you don’t make it yourself, it’s entertainment)!  The Aries Last Quarter Moon is feeling some Pluto pressure of its own: Aries doesn’t love introspection, and the Last Quarter Phase (and Pluto) insist upon it. Mercury and Jupiter work together to articulate a big vision; a conflict between Venus and Jupiter asks us whether going after what feels good in the moment will benefit us in the long run; and listener Lilah asks about planetary rulerships!

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[01:00] Mercury (on July 18) and the Sun (on July 19) wrap up their journeys through Cancer with oppositions to Pluto. Will we insist on keeping things as they are, or push through and change with the times? (For lovely insights on the Sabian symbols, visit the YouTube channel for James Burgess!)

[04:20] Leo season officially begins on July 22 as the Sun enters this fun-loving, creative sign! Mercury is his advance man, entering Leo on July 19 and making sure the Big Guy has what he needs when he enters his home sign. And remember, everybody makes their own fun. If you don’t make it yourself, it’s not fun, it’s entertainment!

[09:02] It’s time for the Moooooon report! The Aries Last Quarter Moon (July 20) challenges us to overcome our fear of disapproval and face and resolve old patterns.

[11:24] Void-of-Course Moon periods for the week: Use them to resolve tension with loved ones and reinforcing positive changes of habit.

[13:34] Mercury makes a trine to Jupiter (July 3), and we’re in a great position to use Mercury’s skills to articulate Jupiter’s big ideas in a cogent way.

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[17:00] The two “benefic” planets, Venus and Jupiter, come together in a conflict-prone square (July 24). Is it enough to just go for what feels good in the present moment (Venus), or do we need to consider the long term view (Jupiter)? Will the object of Venus’ delight still look good to us in a week, or a month?

[19:39] Listener Lilah asks about planetary rulerships: How are planets and houses affected/emphasized by rulerships? April to the rescue! And here is a handy cheat sheet to help you memorize rulerships and dignities! (And revisit these past episodes for more rulership/dignity discussions: Ep. 8, Saturn and Pluto Need a Party, and Ep. 14, Retrograde Minds, Cazimi Hearts, Can’t Lose.)

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