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Episode 130 | Mars enters Taurus: Slow and Steady!

Episode 130 | Mars enters Taurus: Slow and Steady!

This week, zippy Mars enters Taurus, which moves at a much more… deliberate pace than Mars prefers. Although your progress might be slower and frustration a little higher, this is a good transit for tackling projects that require patience and consistency. Mercury enters Cancer on July 4; hold your cards close to your chest, and trust your instincts. The Libra Last Quarter Moon leads us along circular paths on a full stomach. The Sun’s sextile to Uranus suggests changing direction if you’re on a road that doesn’t suit you. And listener Marya asks, how do astrologers keep track of all those looooong planetary cycles? Plus: Staying power, no guarantees, and April – a Leo – struggling with decisions?!

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[0:53] On July 4th or 5th (depending on where you are in the world), Mars enters Taurus, where it will transit through August 20th. These two are not the most comfortable fit, as Taurus slows Mars down and Mars aggravates the bull; but the natural consistency of Taurus offers sticking power for new good habits or positive changes.

[3:54] Mercury enters Cancer on July 4th. While the communication planet is in this sign (through through July 19), listen to your gut instincts. You might be more protective of your thoughts and cautious with your words than usual and find your thoughts turning to matters of family, home, food, and security.

[6:14] Mooooooooooon report! April unpacks the Sabian symbols of the Sun and Moon at the Libra Quarter Moon (July 6, 7:14 pm PDT). The Moon is on the Sabian symbol 15 Libra: Circular paths, and the Sun is on 15 Cancer, A group of people who have overeaten and enjoyed it. Ate too much at your July 4 picnic? Take a lap!

[10:25] The Void-of-Course Moon periods for this week all begin on lunar aspects to Pluto. Use them to change habits, review behaviors, and employ the power of suggestion with one simple phrase.

[14:23] Mercury’s square aspect to Jupiter on July 6th: It’s time to make a decision on whatever you were thinking about during the recent series of sextile aspects between these two planets (April 26, May 19, and June 20). Follow your gut and take action, even though the outcome is uncertain!

[16:57] A sextile aspect between the Sun and Uranus, with the Sun on the Sabian symbol 19 Cancer, A Priest Performing a Marriage Ceremony and Uranus on 19 Taurus, A Newly Formed Continent. Is it time to free yourself from a situation that isn’t true to who you are and try something new?

[18:45] A question from listener Marya: How do you determine the opening and closing squares, and oppositions, of long planetary periods? Here’s my previous mini-lesson on planetary cycles. You’ll find a 9,000-year ephemeris on And here is Kepler College’s article on the Synodic cycle!

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