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Episode 119 | The Sun enters Taurus: A Clear Mountain Stream

This week: A Venus-Uranus sextile brings new and surprising connections; a Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius offers a golden payoff for past efforts; a Sun-Pluto showdown; and the Sun’s cleansing move into Taurus. And April considers listener Rachel’s question about what it might mean to have the recent Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in her Jupiter return chart. Plus: a fox fur, a grabby shellfish, and a final farewell to a sweet Aries friend.

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[0:40] This week’s big news from the big sky – and sign up for April’s free Eclipse webinar, which is on April 23!

[1:38] A sextile aspect between Venus and Uranus on April 18 brings an opportunity to make a new connection with a different kind of person.

[3:13] The Sabian symbols for this sextile aspect: A lady in a fox fur and Children groping and shellfish playing. Perhaps the self-sufficient lady in the fox fur is lacking something after all?

[4:12] The Sun squares Pluto as it nears the end of its time in Aries. What shifts of power are coming your way?

[6:02] A personal story from April about saying a long-delayed goodbye to a furry friend – love ’em while you’ve got ’em.

[7:19] The Sun enters Taurus on the Sabian symbol, A clear mountain stream. It’s time for rest, relaxation, and a little Spring cleaning inside and out.

[9:22] The Moon Report! A look at the Aquarius Last Quarter Moon on the Sabian symbols A Hindu healer and The rainbow’s pot of gold.  Contemplate the relationship between abundance, spiritual right-mindedness, and the urge towards self-realization and perfection.

[11:28] The Void-of-Course Moon periods for the week ahead – when to pause and learn from the Moon’s last aspect in its sign.

[15:00] Eclipse seasons are unpredictable, but maybe a little less so if you’re forearmed with your Followed by a Moonshadow Eclipse report!

[15:53] Work with Mercury’s square to Saturn by planning for delay from April 23 to April 25. Slow down and practice patience and focus!

[17:58] A sextile aspect from Mercury in Taurus to Neptune in Pisces on April 24: plan a mini vacation for the brain and let your mind drift downstream.

[19:48] A question from listener Rachel: Does a Jupiter return in conjunction with Neptune have more significance for me?

[25:10] Want to have your own question answered on a future episode? Here’s how!

[26:28] A Big Sky Astrology podcast shout out to generous donors Suzanne Sessere, Susan Braun, and Laura Looney!

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