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Episode 118 | Jupiter Meets Neptune: Anchors Aweigh!

 Episode 118 | Jupiter Meets Neptune: Anchors Aweigh!

April walks you through a busy astrological week, featuring the April 12 conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune. This comparatively rare conjunction occurs about once every 13 years. Jupiter and Neptune are both connected with voyages, transformation, and realizing dreams, but with these big changes can come a sense of loss and a need to let go of the past to make room for the future. April helps you to decrypt the Sabian symbol for this conjunction, “An Inhabited Isle,” and shares a personal story of a big life change that she experienced during a previous Jupiter-Neptune conjunction.

April then turns to the sextile aspect between the Sun and Saturn, which falls on one of her personal favorite Sabian symbols, a dreamy image of a breeze drifting in through an open window, blowing a net curtain softly into a cornucopia. This is a time for you to take a step back from the demands of your life and to meditate on your Jupiter journey. And as Mars the go-getter enters sympathetic Pisces, it’s time to take action on the things that matter to you and will help improve the world.

Blissfully wedded invisible friends Maria and Bret introduce the Moon Report with a melodious rendition of the old Moonwatch theme. Appropriately, this week’s Full Moon is in the musical and relationship-oriented sign of Libra; how have your Aries New Moon ambitions been impacting your partnerships?

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[1:03] First up in this busy astrological week: Saturn square the Northern Lunar Nodes! What will this mean for you?

[1:58] The North Node is on the Sabian symbol A jewelry shop, so doing our Saturn homework promises a sense of security, prosperity, and achievement

[3:30] The biggest astrology news of the week is a relatively rare conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune, on the Sabian symbol, An inhabited isle.

[4:45] Dreams, illusions, delusions, lengthy ocean voyages…The spiritual transformations that occur in a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. Here’s April’s essay on this conjunction.

[6:58] A personal story from April of an expansive voyage and big life change on a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction

[9:33] Where this, and previous Jupiter/Neptune conjunctions influence your birth chart

[10:42] What the Sabian symbol of an inhabited isle means: Cooperation, consideration of others, and compromise

[12:22] A sextile aspect between the Sun and Saturn, falling on one of April’s favorite Sabian symbols

[13:38] An invitation to unwind and to meditate on your Jupiter journey

[14:20] Mars enters Pisces – a call to take up arms for a cause close to your heart. What battle can you move forward on?

[16:49] A message from April: How worried should you be about Eclipse Season? Order your personal Eclipse Report and Moon Shadow from April today!

[17:42] A beautiful melody to introduce this week’s Moon Report! A Libra Full Moon and a Sabian symbol of an airplane hovering overhead

[20:59] Take stock of how your relationships have been impacted by the Aries New Moon. Watch out for the natural volatility of this moon cycle!

[22:44] The week’s Void-of-Course Moon periods

[25:31] It’s time for a shake-up with the conjunction of Mercury in Taurus with Uranus! Things may go a little haywire, especially because of the tenacity of Taurus, but try to give yourself a rest during this period

[29:02] How to get your burning questions about astrology answered by April

[29:37] Big thanks to the lovely and loyal listeners who have supported the show with their donations! A shout-out to donors Elizabeth Schultz, Tracy Mills, and Janice Manson!

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