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Ep. 113 | Sun conjunct Neptune: Not a Poet (and Don’t I Know It!)

Episode 113 | Sun conjunct Neptune: Not a Poet (and Don’t I Know It!)

Mercury enters dreamy Pisces this week, and it’s one of the more difficult signs for the planet of information and communication. Pisces doesn’t favor straightforward sharing of knowledge, but this doesn’t mean that you’ll be missing out on vital messages. They could still come to you but in more mysterious ways, through dreams or poems for example. If you want to make the most of this particular Mercury, don’t schedule important meetings or major updates on your computer. Instead, try to get in touch with your inner poet and leave space for daydreaming, creativity, and fantasy.

This week’s Gemini First Quarter Moon harkens back to the June 2021 Solar Eclipse, and not necessarily in a good way. And the Sun comes together with Neptune, like a sunset over the ocean (watch for the green flash!). Plus: a simple system to understand the planetary flow in your chart, which is also a handy tool for finding aspects from transits to your birth chart.

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[0:48] This week’s planetary highlights

[1:15] Mercury in Pisces: Look for messages delivered in new ways

[3:44] Embracing your inner poet

[6:22] The Moonwatch report, with an energizing intro by listener Maria and her husband!

[7:24] The Sabian symbols for the Gemini First Quarter Moon

[11:15] Interpreting the First Quarter Moon in your birth chart

[12:38] The void-of-course Moon periods for the week

[16:41] A conjunction between the Sun and Neptune: look for the green flash!

[19:07] Look out for moments of clarity and inspiration

[20:37] A mini-lesson on using natal planets in order of their degrees

[23:15] Using this system to find transiting aspects quickly

[26:55] A shout out to loyal listeners of the podcast, especially this week’s spotlighted donors: Aida Curtis, Yvonne Allara, and Heather Liston!

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