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Dateline Napier

littlebayLook where I spent my birthday.

Think it’s gonna be a good year? Yeah. Me too.

Had a fantastic time catching up with old friends in Coromandel (Little Bay pictured at right), then headed down to Tauranga for mini-reunions with both sides of Jonny’s family. Back up to Auckland for a full-day workshop yesterday with the wonderful people of AFI (the first time I’d looked at transits practically since we left) and dinner with another friend. Tonight we’re on the east coast in Napier, a place I’ve been curious about since I wrote a paper for geology class about the big 1931 quake that pretty much wrecked the city. Got here late so can only comment so far on the fish and chips (superb) but will get a bit of a look at the place tomorrow before taking off for Wellington.

What a fantastic trip and a complete change from our usual routine, as a good vacation should be. A bit tired of winding roads (the price of admission to NZ’s natural wonders), but otherwise I remain utterly enchanted with the place. Remind me to tell you about the pies, the milk, and the cows… everyone talks about the sheep but there are cows absolutely everywhere.

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  • Eme

    Happy belated birthday. Mine was the 1st. smooches to a fellow Leo!

  • LaVaughn

    I recently discovered your blog on Facebook. Very nice. I’ve added it to my blogroll.

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    And Happy Birthday!


  • Very nice birthday chart for you, indeed, with or without planets! 😀 I’m so glad you had a lovely birthday.

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