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Brain sprain

brain sprainI miss blogging, but I just don’t have enough words to go around right now. I’m working on an intense project with lots of writing that will be finished in about a week; then I’m tackling another project that will last for several months. I’ll let you know more if and when there’s any news about all this, but for now, it’s enough to say that my stockpile of witticisms and cogent observations has been severely depeleted. The other morning I woke up feeling like I’d actually sprained my brain – I was finding it a real challenge to encode and decode simple communication. So I took the day off and played free cell and watched bad TV. Very restorative.

Also, that thing about all work and no play making Jack a dull boy? Absolutely true. I have nothing to tell you about. I spend my days in front of the computer, generating words, moving only to have a meal, placate a cat, or throw in a load of laundry. I don’t go anywhere, I don’t do anything, I don’t see anyone. Dull, dull, dull – for me, too, I assure you.

So for the next week, at least, I probably won’t be blogging much, other than scraping together a Thursday Thirteen. (Although it’s possible that simply releasing myself from the self-imposed obligation to blog will open the floodgates of inspiration and I’ll be writing here more than ever. Unlikely, but possible.) Explore some of the sites on my blogroll, where vast troves of treasure abound. And wish me luck.

11 comments to " Brain sprain "

  • To tell you the truth, I’m happy now when people blog only infrequently since I have virtually no time to read anymore. My Bloglines queue has all these blogs with umpteen backed up posts. So which do I read? The blogs with only 1 or 2 posts in the past week! Volume isn’t everything.

  • Jaelin

    Is ‘brain sprain’ going around? My ‘to-do’ list on the huge white board in my home office is overflowing and it seems I never leave my house anymore either. It was so bad today that I numbed in front of an A-Team marathon on TVLand… it must be bad!!! 🙂

  • Leslee… You mean my slacking is working for me? Cool! 😉

    Oh, Jaelin… the A-Team?! “I pity the fool with brain sprain!” 🙂 Where would we be without TVLand? (Hmm… white board. Now there’s an idea!)

  • It’s nice to know I’m not alone on the brain sprain, I thought it was just me feeling all this!

    Hey April I got my copy of the Mountain Astrologer recently, and saw your article. Great work!

  • “Volume isn’t everything.” I feel so relieved!

  • Lisa

    I know exactly what you mean. The world is full of such hossible evil people that it is better to be indoors sometimes I think. My mother is sick at the moment so I hope and pray that she is going to be fine. I’m so scared for both my parents, I love them and I’m scared about them getting older and me not being able to support them.

  • I can’t wait to hear what you are working on. I have been reading some of your articles and love them.

  • As Barbara and Jeffrey’s comments illustrate, Leslee has brought hope to bloggers everywhere.

    Thanks for the kudos, Barbara! I worked so hard on that article that by the time I was finished it not longer made any sense to me – so I’m glad it made sense to someone else.

    Nancy… I can’t wait to tell you! And many thanks for the nice comment about my articles.

    Hang in there, Lisa. There were still a few nice people left in the outside world the last time I checked, though the obnoxious ones sure stand out, don’t they? Best wishes for your mom’s speedy recovery. Your parents are already ahead of the curve, just having a daughter who loves them so much.

  • Alexander

    Hey April.

    We have faith in you (your blog readers)! Your blogs are great and I always keep myself posted, dont work yourself too hard. You seem to be doing many things at once, most of the time. Happy thoughts sent your way. Your blogs helped me alot when I was in Germany too, I might add. Good energy. Thanks.


  • Also, that thing about all work and no play making Jack a dull boy? Absolutely true. I have nothing to tell you about.

    Oh, I want to copy that paragraph verbatim into my own blog! You’ve captured my life like a photograph.

  • You dull, Thai? I refuse to believe it! Let’s see that blog updated soon, eh? I want to hear how senior year is going.

    Alexander, you’re back from Germany? Drop me an email and catch me up. You’re right, I’ve been going at a chaotic pace for a long time and it doesn’t look as though that’s going to let up anytime soon. I’m trying to figure out how to keep pushing and expanding my boundaries without getting too stressed out. It’s not one of my gifts. 🙂 Thanks for staying tuned.