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Highlights for March 9-15, 2020: Proceed.


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Each year as the winter solstice approaches, I think, “Hey – let’s wrap some twinkly lights around the front porch posts!” So I pull open the drawer in the hallway that contains a giant rat-king tangle of strand lights, so jumbled and hopelessly knotted that my heart sinks at the sight of them. And I close the drawer for another year.

At each Full Moon, we’re revealed to ourselves. And this Virgo Full Moon (March 9, 2020, 10:47 am PDT)  stands in opposition to the Sun and Neptune together in Pisces. What is revealed is the ways in which we’re hiding out, overwhelmed by the disarray of our lives. Look to the Pisces house of your chart. And then, look across the wheel to Virgo’s house, because that’s where you’ll find the key to untangling the knots. Taking a big old amorphous, Pisces/Neptune blob of overwhelm and patiently picking away at it and soothing it into order is one of Virgo’s superpowers.

Of course, the world itself seems to be hopelessly tangled and overwhelming some days. The Sun and Moon’s Sabian symbols at this Full Moon remind us of the power of community in fixing what seems irrevocably broken. The Moon is on the symbol An automobile caravan while the Sun is on A table set for an evening meal. Think of setting out on a course with friends, allies, and loved ones alike, lined up in separate cars but headed to the same destination…an inviting looking table set for dinner, conversation, and fun.

As I suggest in my Full Moon essay, sometimes the key to breaking your mental deadlock around overwhelm is to just take one small, easily measurable action. As the old saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – and it’s a happier journey when we take it together.


In the chart for the Full Moon, Venus in relaxed, contented Taurus makes a sextile to the North Node in Cancer (it’s exact at 4:43 pm on March 9). What if doing the things that make you feel good is the real key to pursuing your greatest happiness? And when I say “make you feel good,” I’m not talking about the things that feel good in the moment but leave you with regret because they’re bad for you – make you sick, or addicted, or cut off from your feelings. I’m talking about the things that bring you simple pleasure because they speak to something in your authentic nature.

The North Node points the way to True North, the path with heart, the path that enlarges your life by setting you at the communal, Cancerian table. To get there means stepping out of the South Node in Capricorn, where you identify as the lone wolf, the workaholic. Venus is on the Sabian symbol “A bridge being built across a gorge;” Venus *is* the bridge, love, pleasure, identifying with others. All that’s required to build the bridge is to complete the sextile – make an effort. Reach out. Make a phone call. Invite someone to dinner.


TThat same day, Mercury turns direct (March 9, 8:48 pm PDT, 28.12 Aquarius). I’d feel a lot more enthusiastic about that if it didn’t mean Mercury will be returning to Pisces next week. Because for me personally, that transits has been a struggle, like trying to do long division in my head after a couple of cocktails.

Nevertheless, Mercury leaving the land of retrograde is always cause for at least modest rejoicing. Retrograde since Feb. 16, Mercury has found us retracing our steps, trying to find the car keys, figuring out where we mislaid our paycheck, and redoing, redoing, redoing. Mercury retrograde, particularly in Pisces, is better suited to retreat and dreaming, and finishing up with old ideas, thoughts, and labels.

Mercury turns direct on the Sabian symbol 29 Aquarius, “Butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.” The fog is lifting, and the path ahead is clear, if a little crooked. The signal light turns green and gives the all-clear to move ahead with clear eyes and all suitable vigor. Set out on your journey  with the full confidence that you have remembered to lock the doors, turn off the stove, and feed the cat. You are prepared. You have what you need. Proceed.


The Sun’s sextile to Jupiter (March 11, PDT, 5:27 am) reminds me of that moment on one’s spiritual journey when one might be invited to put some skin in the game. Let’s say you dearly support and believe in something – let’s say it’s a community you believe has been misunderstood and wronged. You defend your friends in this community, perhaps make some quiet donations to the cause. And then one day, you hear about an injustice that really threatens this community; will you show your support in a pragmatic, real-world, observable way – by calling an official, marching in a protest, phone-banking for a candidate, providing volunteer hours?

You don’t have to. Most people will never know whether or not you did anything. You can still lend quiet support. But what you’ll miss if you don’t get involved is an opportunity to not only support that community, but belong to it.


March 14 is marked by two sextiles: one between the Sun and Pluto (March 14, 2020, 9:47 am PDT 24.33 Pisces/Capricorn), and one between Mars and Neptune (March 14, 3:32 am PDT, 18.37 Capricorn/Pisces). Each brings together the imagery of Pisces/Neptune, the gentle and ethereal artist, with businesslike Mars and Pluto in Capricorn.

Let’s say you’re a gentle, quiet person, an artist who paints beautiful landscapes that hardly anyone ever sees. But one day, into the gallery where your friend is showing your latest work strolls a woman in a very sharp suit and a hairdo that probably cost more than your car. She casts a cool, appraising eye over your work and hands you a card. “Your work is good, and I can help you get seen. Call me.”

Here’s an opportunity. It’s an open door. But are you ready to be seen? Ready to commit to taking your art seriously? Ready to take yourself seriously?

Are you ready to walk through that door?

© 2020 by April Elliott Kent

 Jen and I explore all the week’s highlights on this week’s episode, 016 | Let’s Talk About Sextiles!

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