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Highlights for March 8-14, 2021: Swimming for the Mainland

Swimming for the Mainland

Dates and times are given for U.S. Pacific Time zone.

Enjoy the Scenery

I‘m sitting in traffic behind a car covered with bumper stickers. One reads, “Think globally, act locally.” Which is a pretty good way of summing up the Lunar Nodes currently in the polarity of Sagittarius (foreign lands) and Gemini (your neighborhood). Since the South Node is currently in Sagittarius and we’ve had to give up international travel during the pandemic, the Gemini North Node urges us to explore our own back yards in greater detail.

This week, as Venus in Pisces squares the Lunar Nodes (March 9, 2021, 9:08 am PST), blend the two: explore a part of your neighborhood (Gemini) you’ve never really experienced before (Sagittarius). Venus is the sign of sensual pleasures, so let your senses guide you toward new and different food, scenery, sights, sounds, and smells. Smile at strangers on your morning walk. Or if you find yourself indoors, enjoin a pal to watch a foreign film or read a book and discuss it with you. Listen to music of other lands. Let your senses bend you toward curiosity and the enjoyment of your surroundings; let your little part of the world surprise you.

We are a yearning, dreaming, mourning, praying species. Our awareness of our mortality leads to a craving for spiritual understanding. Not only do we want to know what comes after this world, we want to understand why we, personally, came here in the first place.

As the Sun, symbol of individual divinity, conjoins with Neptune (March 10, 2021, 4:01 pm PST), planet of faith and spiritual awakening, heed the invitation to reunite with your personal creative source. By doing the things that make us shine, the things that open up our hearts, that are motivated by love – we’ll remember why we’re here, and feel kissed by spirit.

Many of us wish to more fully explore our creativity, and this reunion with the creative source takes us into the realm of the Sun, symbol of individual creative genius. As the ruler of the arts, Venus – which never travels very far away from the Sun – serves that genius by expressing it in a visible or audible form. Venus, too, conjoins with Neptune this week (March 13, 2021, 8:08 pm PST). And as the two splash through Neptune’s powerful waters, this less the time to create art than to absorb the feelings, lessons, and sensations that awaken creativity and pleasure – which will later be turned into art, enhance relationships, and make us feel better about being who we are.

Each New Moon initiates a cycle that unfolds in three parts. Part one is the 28-day cycle from one New Moon to the next, during which the conception of a new impulse or idea is initiated. Part two is the roughly six month period between the New Moon and the next Full Moon that falls in its sign, when the first sign of fruition is seen. And part three is a two and a half year period called the lunar gestation cycle, when, at 9-month intervals, a New Moon’s degree and sign is echoed in a First Quarter, Full Moon, and Last Quarter Moon.

And so, each New Moon is the beginning of a larger pattern than just a single month. Consider this week’s New Moon in Pisces (March 13, 2:21 am PST, 23.03 Pisces), the sign of faith, healing, and empathetic oneness. The Sabian Symbol for its degree, 24 Pisces is, An inhabited island.  So we may begin this lunar cycle feeling cut off, estranged from friends, loved ones, public opinion; but this island is inhabited, so the feeling of being alone is an illusion.

At this and each New Moon, we embark on a new lunar voyage. The first stage of this particular journey concludes at the Aries New Moon on April 11, 2021. Part two culminates at this year’s Pisces Full Moon on September 20, 2021. And Part three unfolds:

  • at the Dec. 10, 2021 First Quarter Moon (19°13′ Pisces), when we have to overcome a challenge;
  • the Sep. 10, 2022 Full Moon (17°41′ Pisces), when we understand what the journey is really about; and,
  • the June 10, 2023 Last Quarter Moon (19°40′ Pisces), when we begin paddling for shore.

“No man is an island,” wrote John Donne. Each of us is part of the whole, and the whole isn’t complete without each of us. We may have moments of feeling alone on our own little island, but this long lunar cycle will teach us how to swim to the mainland.

Writing and collages © 2021 April Elliott Kent

Jen and I explore all the week’s highlights in our latest podcast episode!

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  • Chris H.

    You are such an awesome communicator so thank you very much for this detailed explanation of New Moon cycles.

    For many years I’ve kept journals and noticed again and again that I would dream of losing a loved one or sometimes even became anxious over thoughts that occurred while awake involving losing a loved one and always during a Pisces moon. None of these ever actually took place but I’ve wondered for years about this and your article answered it nicely for me. I have Pisces on my 3rd house cusp and Neptune in the 9th, conjunct my mid heaven.
    Take care~

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