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Ep. 92 | Virgo New Moon: Measure Twice, Cut Once

092 | Virgo New Moon: Measure Twice, Cut Once

April and Jen enjoy the meticulous Virgo New Moon from Trine City, where summer is winding down in the Northern Hemisphere! Meanwhile, detailed Mars opposes bedhead Neptune, and Venus faces some hard questions from Pluto. But no worries: Things look up the second week as the flow of communication abounds with a Grand Air Trine; Mars and Pluto lend focus; the Sun and Uranus offer a chance to redefine ourselves; and Venus enjoys bonbons with Jupiter before heading into Scorpio. Plus: Leave us a voicemail message, won’t you?

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00:30 – Podathon is coming!! Daily episodes coming your way the week of Sept. 20-24! Leave us your 60-second voicemail question (ask us anything!) at!

02:38 – Our first week (Sep. 2-8) kicks off with Mars opposed Neptune (Sep. 2) on the Sabian symbol 23 Virgo, “The lion tamer.” Neptune in Pisces is on, “Spiritist phenomena.” It’s the uber-organized world vs. the non-physical realm! (Revisit to hear about when this cycle began!)

04:46 – Why are Mars and Neptune odd bedfellows?

06:15 – Mercury, at 7.54 Libra, trines Saturn in Aquarius (Sep. 4). This is excellent for focus and completion of projects!

07:04 – Mercury trines the North Node in Gemini the previous day (Sep. 3), creating a Grand Air Trine! This represents a self-sufficient closed system related to communication and learning. The wind is at your back!

09:40 – Venus, at 24.32 Libra, squares Pluto in Capricorn (Sep. 5). Do your values and money reflect your goals? What’s more important, relationships or ambitions? (Review . And learn about conjunctions via !

12:12 – This week’s Moonwatch segment is brought to you by our non-imaginary sponsor VICTORIA PENDRAGON! Check out her personal natal chart paintings:

15:26 – Interested in sponsoring Moonwatch? We’d love to chat! Let us know: April(at)bigskyastrology(dot)com

15:45 – April is teaching classes this fall! Registration closes Aug. 30! Learn more at . Use code bsapod to enroll at the early bird price of $197!

17:12 – *MOONWATCH * We begin WEEK TWO (Sep. 6-12) with a New Moon (NM) on Sep. 6 at 14.38 Virgo on the Sabian symbol “An ornamental handkerchief.” Focus on better health, organizing, and perfecting creative projects begun at the Leo NM.

21:02 – Mars, at 24.31 Virgo, trines Pluto (Sep. 6). Get focused on the things that really matter.

23:00 – Sweetness! Venus, at 25.00 Libra, trines Jupiter in Aquarius (Sep. 6).

23:59 – The Sun, at 14.39 Taurus, trines Uranus (Sep. 6). Perhaps an opportunity to redraw the boundaries of who you think you are or have to be?

25:14 – Venus enters Scorpio (Sep. 10-Oct. 8), searching for depth, passion, and authenticity. It’s a good time to work out any long-standing problems in relationships  Or as Clint Black would sing, it’s

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