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Episode 234 | Leo First Quarter Serenade, and Your First Responder Planet!

Episode 234 | Leo First Quarter Serenade, and Your First Responder Planet!

This week, the Sun and Venus make exciting conjunctions with Uranus and practical plans with Saturn; as the Sun conjoins Jupiter and sextiles Neptune, expand your kingdom by joining resources with another, and find inspiration on a wandering path; Mercury enters patient Taurus, but as it squares Pluto, take a closer look at an existing plan; at the creative Leo First Quarter Moon, show the world what you’ve got; Mars pushes toward the North Node’s path to growth; and a listener question about your first responder planet! Plus: cobblers and kings, a Spanish serenade, and how to get past April’s first responder (it rhymes with Mee-toes).

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[1:22] The Sun conjuncts Uranus on May 13 (2:13 am PDT) at 23°06’ Taurus. Makeovers are encouraged. Take a mini-vacation from being your usual self.

[3:11] On May 13 (12:45 pm PDT), Venus sextiles Saturn at 17º39’ Taurus-Pisces. Venus is on the Sabian symbol 18 Taurus, A woman holding a bag out of a window. Saturn’s on the Sabian symbol, 18 Pisces, A gigantic tent. Letting go can open up opportunities to move in a new direction, with the help of others.

[5:16] Moon Report! The Leeeeeooooo First Quarter Moon (May 15, 4:48 am PDT) is at 25º08’ Leo. In the chart for the First Quarter Moon, the Sun, ruler of Leo, is nestled between Jupiter and Uranus. The Sun is on the Sabian symbol, A Spaniard serenading his Senorita. Now is the time to share your song.

[6:54] This is the First Quarter in a lunar phase family cycle (LPFC) that began at the New Moon on Aug. 16, 2023, at 23º17’ Leo. Further critical points in this LPFC come at the Full Moon on Feb. 12, 2025 and the Last Quarter on Nov. 11, 2025.

[8:07] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon periods. On May 13 (2:13 am PDT), the Moon in Cancer trines Neptune, is VOC for just under 1 ½ hours, then enters Leo (3:36 am PDT). Connect with others through nurturing, giving gifts of love or through artistic creations.

[9:10] On May 15 (9:41 am PDT), the Moon in Leo squares Jupiter in Taurus. It’s VOC for almost 5 hours, then enters Virgo (2:33 pm PDT). Show your heart and your passion in a big way.

[9:58] On May 18 (2:09 am PDT), the Moon in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. It’s VOC for about 1 ¼ hours, then enters Libra (3:22 am PDT). Find the balance between sensitivity and sensibility.

[10:42] Mercury enters Taurus on May 15 (10:05 am PDT). The Messenger planet will stay in the sign of the Bull through June 3, 2024. Develop practical skills and methodical communication during this time.

[11:20] Mercury squares Pluto on May 17 (12:44 am PDT) at 02°03’ Taurus- Aquarius. The established plan may go against your conscience. Dig deep into a research project.

[12:33] On May 18 (4:40 am PDT), Venus conjuncts Uranus at 23º23’ Taurus. You might find that you need to leave an existing situation, but still might not be clear about what would be better for you.

[14:03] The Sun makes its annual conjunction with Jupiter (May 18, 11:45 am PDT) at 28º18’ Taurus, on the Sabian symbol, 29 Taurus, Two cobblers working at a table. Is there someone in your life that you can join forces with who can help you expand your reach?

[15:45] The Sun sextiles Neptune (May 19, 3:45 pm PDT) at 29º25’ Taurus-Pisces. The Sun is on the Sabian symbol 30 Taurus, A peacock parading on an ancient lawn. Take a wandering path and let the world surprise you into new ways of thinking and being.

[17:10] Mars conjuncts the Moon’s North Node (May 19, 8:59 pm PDT) at 14°56’ Aries, on the Sabian symbol, 15 Aries, An Indian weaving a blanket. Push toward that brave new land with no hesitation.

[18:59] Listener Penelope asks about First Responder Planets. What is your first responder planet, and how does it operate in your life? Comments and reactions are welcome – scroll down to leave your comment!

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1 comment to " Episode 234 | Leo First Quarter Serenade, and Your First Responder Planet! "

  • Emily

    Hi April!
    I loved the first responder blog you read! Like you, my first planet is Saturn and I can relate! It’s all the way in the fourth house. I do have Chiron in the first house (just had my return during the solar eclipse-wow!). I do tend to think there is. A big influence there, with Chiron in terms of how I respond. Saturn and Chiron can make me stuck with a new situation. I want to have that Saturn order (safety and control), and can sometimes fear what I choose will affect how others see me. I’ve done a lot of work on that last piece, but historically? I think it absolutely impacted my initial knee jerk reaction depending on what was presented. Add to that, I have Mars (my ruler) in opposition to Saturn. Lots of tugs of war!
    Thanks for all you do!

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