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Episode 159 | Cancer Full Moon and a Sparkly Venus!

Episode 159 | Cancer Full Moon and a Sparkly Venus!

Happy 2023 everyone! This week: the Sun makes an energizing trine to Uranus; Venus enters exciting Aquarius and gets an added boost from Jupiter; a snuggly Cancer Full Moon highlights big dreams; and the retrograde Mercury connects with the Sun and Uranus. April answers a listener’s question about how to work with transits for yourself. Plus: Sparkling in public, finding your people, and the tale of the two-foot-tall zucchini!

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[1:26] Venus enters Aquarius on Jan. 2 at 6:09 PM PST and stay in this sign until Jan. 26. Touch base with your friends, and make resolutions related to financial independence and growing your wealth through networking.

[3:47] Venus at 1°36’ Aquarius sextiles Jupiter in Aries on Jan. 4 at 1:08 AM PST. Take this opportunity to stand out and be noticed in a positive way.

[5:24] On Jan. 5 at 8:43 AM PST, the Sun at 15°04’ Capricorn trines Uranus in Taurus.  Celebrate what makes you unique and connect with people who appreciate your individuality.

[6:14] Moon Report! The Full Moon at 16°21’ Cancer is on Jan. 6 at 3:08 PM PST.  The Capricorn Sun and (retrograde) Mercury are conjoined, and the Sun, Moon, and Mercury aspect exciting Uranus. It’s time to act on the big Jupiterian dreams that were formulated at the December 23 New Moon at 1°32’ Capricorn. Family dynamics are emphasized, too.

[7:44] This Full Moon is part of a Lunar Phase Family that began with the July 9, 2021 New Moon at 18°1’ Cancer. The First Quarter Moon in this Lunar Phase Family was on April 8, 2022 at 19°24’ Cancer.  This week’s Full Moon in Cancer is the time when we can see the consequences of what was initiated in July 2021, and then make any changes necessary moving forward.

[9:36] Void-of-Course Moon periods (VOC).  On Jan. 2 (2:16 PM PST), the Moon at 27°43’ Taurus makes a trine to Pluto. It’s then VOC for about four and a half hours before entering Gemini at 6:44 PM PST. Dig deep and meditate on existential feelings.

[10:26] The Moon at 22°56’ Gemini squares Neptune on Jan. 4 (4:08 PM PST). The Moon is then VOC for about 14 hours (!!!) until it enters Cancer on Jan. 5 (6:15 AM PST).  Most of VOC period happens overnight which could indicate disrupted dream activity. In our waking hours, articulating feelings more effectively is an important theme.

[12:25] The Moon at 27°52’ Cancer opposes Pluto on Jan. 7 (2:23 pm PST), and is VOC for about four and one quarter hours before entering Leo (6:40 PM PST). Feelings of vulnerability could be at a peak at this time.

[13:28] On Jan. 7 at 4:57 AM PST, the Sun at 16°56’ Capricorn conjoins retrograde Mercury. Mercury the Messenger is reporting what they saw up the road so we can be better prepared to handle situations that may come our way.  Mercury will be at 8°08’ Capricorn when it turns direct on Jan. 18.

[15:29] Mercury at 15°01’ Capricorn trines Uranus on Jan. 8 (3:23 PM PST). Think back to the Sun’s trine to Uranus on Jan. 4 – did you appreciate what makes you special?  Now that Mercury is involved, it would be a fantastic time to let the world know about these unique and special traits. Jan. 7-9 is a terrific time for planning out the rest of the year.

[17:13] Listener Robin asks about how to work with transits for yourself. Notes: April book on Astrological Transits and The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology!

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